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the study of 701 people with gerd also showed that those who suffered uncommon symptoms two or more nights a week were much more likely to have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep than those who suffered the typical symptoms of heartburn and acid regurgitation. ronnie fass, md, a gastroenterologist at southern arizona va health care system in tucson, says it’s a vicious cycle. further analysis showed that for every symptom other than snoring, the 20% of participants who had atypical symptoms twice a week or more had higher rates of sleep woes than those who had no or less frequent unusual symptoms. for example, 62% of those with frequent nighttime chest pain had trouble falling or staying asleep vs. 36% of those with less frequent or no nighttime chest pain.

donald castell, md, a gastroenterologist at the medical university of south carolina in charleston, tells webmd that he believes late dinners may explain many of the atypical nighttime symptoms. that itself could be a source of the symptoms,” castell says. in a second study presented at the meeting, researchers found that gerd was responsible for more than half of emergency room cases of chest pain that was not related to the heart. researcher julia j. liu, md, of the department of gastroenterology at brigham & women’s hospital in boston, cautions that people should never assume their chest pain is caused by gerd.

it’s also one of the most common reasons people see a doctor, and it can have serious health consequences if left untreated. a condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (gerd) affects millions of people and is characterized by the backward flow of stomach acid and other digestive fluids into your esophagus. many treatments can help alleviate the pain of acid reflux disease, including lifestyle changes and medications. while upright and awake, a person with acid reflux can limit its impact thanks to gravity. in addition, with time, the constant regurgitation of stomach acids can irritate, inflame, and damage the delicate tissue located in the throat and esophagus, prolonging the medical condition and leading to more complications. making some changes regarding diet and sleep hygiene can certainly improve the quality of life of those who suffer from acid reflux and snoring.

depending on the severity of your acid reflux, you may experience a variety of symptoms in addition to heartburn and swollen throat tissues. your physician will be able to perform tests in order to diagnose the severity of your condition. again, these aren’t hard and fast solutions, so be ready to try a few of them before you can see changes. reflux and sleeping disorders: a systematic review. the relationship between extraesophageal reflux (eer) and obstructive sleep apnea (osa). the relationship between gastroesophageal reflux disease and obstructive sleep apnea. obstructive sleep apnea and gastroesophageal reflux.

nearly three-fourths of people with chronic acid reflux — technically known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or gerd — suffer nighttime flare ups of gerd symptoms after lying down can make it hard to fall asleep and can cause nighttime interruptions from heartburn, chest pain, snoring often stems from issues with your mouth or throat, but not always. one surprising cause of snoring is acid reflux disease (or gerd)., silent reflux snoring, silent reflux snoring, omeprazole snoring, choking on acid reflux while sleeping, best sleeping position for acid reflux.

when reflux occurs at night, acid can travel to the back of your neck and soft palate all the way up your esophagus. the acid is irritating the back of the neck and the soft palate when this occurs. this creates a slight swelling of the tissue. the airway narrows and you begin snoring, and vibration rises. sleep disordered breathing and nocturnal gastro-oesophageal reflux (ngor) are common and comorbid conditions [1, 2], and both have inter-relationships with people who suffer from gerd (gastroesophageal reflux disease), commonly known as acid reflux, often suffer from snoring at night, and worse, acid reflux can also cause sleep apnea. when you have acid reflux during the night, you may have spasms of the throat muscles and vocal cords, gerd, how to stop acid reflux at night.

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