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while the intricacies of this connection aren’t fully understood, we nevertheless can talk through some of why adhd and insomnia might be connected and how you can deal with them both. to understand the connection between adhd and insomnia, you need to first understand what insomnia is. due to its prevalence and how many people can suffer from insomnia, the causes of insomnia can vary greatly. a person’s mental state and feelings can lead to sleeplessness and insomnia.

if you have regular problems with insomnia, consider first what you eat and drink especially later in the evening. finally, in some cases, even with changing many aspects of your routine, some people will still have issues with chronic insomnia. now to the main aspect we all want to discuss: exactly how are adhd and insomnia connected? if you have a poor diet, you more than likely might have issues with both your adhd and insomnia. now, you can add insomnia to the list.

the diagnosis of adhd and insomnia disorder was made according to dsm-5 criteria. the severity of insomnia and the consequent presence of daytime sleepiness has been related to a greater number of adhd symptoms (20). hence, the main objective of the current study is to analyze the differences between adult adhd patients with and without insomnia disorder, in terms of adhd clinical severity, medical and psychiatric comorbidity, psychopharmacological treatment, and quality of life. the structured clinical interviews for axis i (scid-i) and axis-ii (scid-ii) (35) were used to evaluate patients’ psychiatric comorbidities other than adhd and insomnia disorder. once referred to the adhd program, a complete assessment of the patient is carried out to establish the diagnosis and the treatment. the diagnosis of insomnia disorder and adhd was made by the psychiatrist according to dsm-5 criteria.

regarding adhd variables and insomnia disorder, it was observed that insomnia disorder was most frequently presented in patients with the combined presentation of adhd or with higher severity of adhd (according to cgi, caars, and adhd-rs). finally, both the prescription of hypnotic medications and their number were higher in patients with insomnia disorder. this high prevalence of insomnia disorder and insomnia symptoms in adhd patients is in line with the prevalence of insomnia symptoms previously reported to be between 43 and 80% (11, 12, 14). sud patients use to have a higher prevalence of insomnia disorder due to the disruptive effect that drugs of abuse and alcohol have on sleep (57). finally, when characterizing the insomnia symptoms group, our results point that patients with insomnia symptoms had lower clinical severity of adhd according to the adhd-rs and a greater number of months of stability of the adhd treatment. the current study points out that adult adhd patients with insomnia disorder have a worse clinical presentation due to a higher adhd severity, more comorbidities, and worse quality of life. the remaining authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

insomnia. along with medications and trouble sticking to a schedule, there are other reasons people with adhd are at risk for insomnia. many adults with adhd complain of restless nights and exhausted mornings. there’s no one cause of sleep disturbances. many individuals with adhd struggle with sleep and experience insomnia. this article explores the link between these two conditions., .

conclusion: insomnia disorder is highly prevalent in adult adhd and is related to higher adhd severity and more psychiatric and medical comorbidities. some stimulants and stable pharmacological adhd treatment are associated with better outcomes of insomnia disorder. for starters, they both predominantly focus on how your brain functions. many people with adhd have trouble settling their mind. thoughts constantly race from insomnia is the most studied sleep problem, although it is typical for a child with adhd who has problems with sleep to have characteristics of conclusion: insomnia disorder is highly prevalent in adult adhd and is related to higher adhd severity and more psychiatric and medical, .

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