artist study template

artist study template is a artist study sample that gives infomration on artist study design and format. when designing artist study example, it is important to consider artist study template style, design, color and theme. an artists research page should include the artist’s name, images of the artists work, annotation about the artist and also annotation which is the student’s personal response to the work. many successful artist research pages are also embellished so the whole page is a reflection of the artist’s work. every aspect of the research page below reflects the artist ian murphy. the annotation is a combination of information about the artist and the student’s response to the work. i wanted to include the research page below as the annotation is in-depth, insightful and full of subject-specific language. over 50% of the annotation is the student’s response to the work. the roy thomas artist research page below, is neatly presented with clear images and annotation.

artist study overview

an artist analysis is where the student has recreated an artwork or section of an artwork so that they go through the process the artist has been through. the student has included annotation and their own pieces of vintage collage. students often want to fill 100% of the page but this space works well. the student, fizza i, has cut away some of the artwork and recreated it themselves to analyse the work. she researched the work of artist adele carney. the use of dressmakers patterns in the background and tape measures was appropriate to the artist and theme. she is a high school art teacher in the north west of england. please kindly mail to me examples of students responses to artist works while working on artist research projects (igcse) thanks and hoping to hear from you soon.

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artist study format

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artist study guide

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