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bachelor thesis template is a bachelor thesis sample that gives infomration on bachelor thesis design and format. when designing bachelor thesis example, it is important to consider bachelor thesis template style, design, color and theme. – felix ferdinand fuhrken (abstract) (full text) observing the significance of digital transformations in post-pandemic hospitality – samuel theodore humphrey daniels (abstract) (full text) tripadvisor’s influence on customers’ booking intentions in 5 star hotels – alina katharina wehner (abstract) (full text) the impact of perceived sustainability on blockchain adoption in the hospitality industry – margarita drozdova (abstract) (full text) the influence of organizational structures on talent development and retention – kay gustav dieckmann (abstract) (full text) how different aspects of social media review influence staycation in hong kong – luk hei yu, rachel (abstract) (full text) social media marketing and gastronomic tourism: the case of luxury restaurants in italy – giovanni chizzolini (abstract) (full text) assessing the optimal implementation of artificial intelligence within the hotel industry for generation y – jennifer flöck (abstract) (full text) an ecological-economic analysis of allotment gardens in vienna from a degrowth perspective – marie greiner (abstract) (full text) the challenges and benefits of implementing virtual reality and augmented reality in the hotel industry – anna elisabeth thelen (abstract) (full text) the impact of different leadership styles on employees’ motivation and workplace satisfaction in the financial sector – melanie lechner (abstract) (full text) the influence of sustainable event management practices on consumers’ word-of-mouth and visit intention in the music event industry – rada assenova kopreva (abstract) (full text) are attractions the main influencing factor for motivating tourists to travel to dubai?

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the case study of albania – lorena agalliu (abstract) (full text) the role of csr with relation to global warming and its effects on consumer purchasing behaviour in the fashion industry – craig leslie pereira (full text) economic development vs debt trap: is china’s involvement in east africa’s economy a front to take over the region for strategic purposes?

the bachelor’s thesis is the final thesis of the bachelor’s degree and is included  in intermediate  specialisation  studies. the partner university’s thesis requirements for double degree programmes. the bachelor’s thesis is the final thesis for the bachelor’s degree. students start the project by signing up for the thesis course or seminar according to their degree programme’s instructions. the supervisor of the bachelor’s thesis supports the student in independent work, scientific thinking and the development of research skills. the university expects students to know and observe the ethical principles of academic studies and therefore instructs students in following good scientific practice.

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if regardless of the supervisor’s instruction the thesis contains plagiarised material, the thesis will receive a failing grade. supervisors employ the turnitin software to verify the originality of the text, give feedback and guide the student. the degree programmes or schools issue more detailed instructions on the formalities and writing of theses for their fields of study. the examiner of the thesis assesses the maturity test along with the entire thesis. in addition to the abstract in finnish or swedish, the degree programme may require an english abstract in the bachelor’s thesis. the bachelor’s thesis is a public-access final thesis. students dissatisfied with their grade may request a correction to the grade within 14 days of having received knowledge of it.