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case study brief template is a case study brief sample that gives infomration on case study brief design and format. when designing case study brief example, it is important to consider case study brief template style, design, color and theme. whether you’re collaborating with writers and videographers on the project or diy-ing things, a brief encourages you to carefully think through the context, priorities, and goals you have for the piece. because an unfocused brief can create a rambling narrative that lacks compelling tension and fails to put you closer to your goals. case studies make their magic by defining a particular problem and demonstratingâ how the solution fits key-in-lockâ to drive a thrilling win in story format. when we create your case study, our job is to make sure the story aligns with your goals. because we have limited time with your customer, we need to maximize it by going deep on the story beats that matter most. if you want details on how your product saves time and boosts team morale, let us know that in the brief.

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what is the most important story arc to focus on? that’s why our brief template asks you to provide background information about the storyâ before the case study creation process gets rolling—which includes gathering as much context as you can on the story you want to tell. that’s not something you want to discover late in the game! is this person in a good position to describe the impact of your solution? we’re always happy to help guide you through the process to make sure your case study deliverable is everything that you hoped for, and much more. mark contributions as unhelpful if you find them irrelevant or not valuable to the article.

whether you’re working with an in-house, contract or freelance writer, it’s well worth your time to create a detailed case study brief. a good case study brief will smooth out the content creation process and save both you and the writer time. you’ll be more likely to get the final product you want quickly, and the writer will have more confidence in their work. but the bulk of the brief is going to take a little more thoughtful crafting. in the case study brief, you need to: what does your organization do? introduce your brand and how it reflects the vision of your business. give the writer the tools to establish a voice that’s consistent with your other content. link to a persona document so your writer can visualize the reader. why are you commissioning this case study? are you trying to raise awareness of your organization?

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demonstrate how you can solve a specific challenge? what key messages do you need to burn into the minds of readers? a case study has to have momentum—think of it as a story with a beginning, middle and logical end. what solutions did you offer? this is where you can include formatting, style and structure guidelines, as well as a suggested workflow for revisions and approvals. try to limit yourself to a 1- or 2-page case study brief. however, in addition, you may want to provide examples of other marketing content written for your organization, or case studies from competitors that you admire. an incomplete or vague case study brief is only going to lead to more questions from your writer or, even worse—unfocused, unenthusiastic and off-brand content. find out how to conduct an informative (and painless) case study interview. and if you missed the previous post in this 7-part series on b2b case study best practices, you can learn how to pick the right customer for your next case study—and get them to say yes to participating. as the founder of uplift content, emily leads her team in creating done-for-you case studies, ebooks and blog posts for high-growth saas companies like clickup, calendly and walkme.