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case study canva template is a case study canva sample that gives infomration on case study canva design and format. when designing case study canva example, it is important to consider case study canva template style, design, color and theme. whilst preparing to write the 2nd part of my article about these organizations i received a promotional email demonstrating the team working/collaboration functionality on the canva design tool. today i’ll share with you the basics of the concept since it reflects precisely what i’ve tried to illustrate on my first article and proves the point that flat organizations can work no matter the size of the business. it’s based on a easy to use drag-and-drop interface and provides access to a great variety of photographs, graphics, and is used by non-designers as well as professionals.the tools can be used for web and print media design and graphics as well as social media posts.

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with all of this happening at the same time, their productivity levels took a hit – thus they decided they needed to change in order to restore the previous levels of productivity, flexibility, interaction between teams as well as motivation. thus one of the ways they found to solve this was to develop their own online collaboration tool which they now market as an advantage of the canva design tool and hence the reason why i’ve received their email and i’m able to present here their specific example as a benchmark of a flat organization. in fact the startup like environment and work methods can, not only be maintained as well as further developed and evolved thus contributing to the overall success of your business venture. note: some parts of this article might have contents that may subject to copyright by canva namely some transcriptions and the organizational structure images.