citalopram and insomnia

i’ve been on citalopram for almost 4 weeks now. however i have been suffering with insomnia since i started taking them, falling asleep quickly but waking up 3 or 4 hours later at best and not getting anymore sleep. on a bad day no sleep at all, so i’ve been feeling like a walking zombie 3-4 days a week. stick with it – that also happened to me, i suffered really bad insomnia and eventually after like 6 weeks, it vanished! i now have a normal sleeping pattern again. im now on day 34 and still really struggling with insomnia. no doubt the meds are helping my anxiety but jesus i need sleep!! insomnia is a common side effect, i suffered from it from weeks 4-7. i tried all sorts of things as i was desparate for sleep. the drowsy stuff and i slept like a baby or the other stuff i have used is sleep eaze or nytol from your local boots if you are in the uk. like you i was only getting 2-3 hours a night or nothing at all. i do live in the uk. i know, i know, i’m a wimp as plenty of folk take them.

did the insomnia fade for you eventuallly? my gp perscibed me with zopiclone and diazepam and neither worked and can be very addictive so she recommended piriton or sleepeaze. i slowly reduced what i was taking over a week and i came right. i went to boots and they said i couldn’t take sleep eaze whilst on my ad. did the sleep come back? 10mg for 2 weeks and 20mg now. my mood is getting better but my sleep is bad and affecting me. cit kicked in for me on day one, both the good & bad effects, including insomnia. and if so, in how many weeks? g.               i started feeling the side effect right away also… i am on day 6 and hope i get through this as this is the second med i have tried.. i feel like quitting!! registered in england and wales. patient does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. patient is a uk registered trade mark.

the lowest rate of treatment emergent insomnia complaints (below 2%) was reported in the study with citalopram. the highest rate of examples are: citalopram (celexa); fluoxetine (prozac); paroxetine (paxil); sertraline (zoloft). many people with depression also suffer from sleep problems. but in some patients the antidepressant celexa (citalopram and generic) doesn’t, .

citalopram, a commonly used ssri, is applied for the clinical treatment of depression and insomnia (10); however, controversy surrounds the role of ssris in the treatment of insomnia in patients with anxiety disorders. several previous studies have shown that ssri treatment can lead to anxiety and insomnia (18,19). insomnia, dry mouth, drowsiness, nausea, increased sweating, and sexual dysfunction. side effects may be more likely with celexa (citalopram) compared to escitalopram, another ssri. may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior in young adults (similar to other antidepressants). insomnia, decreased concentration, and other symptoms that can make (citalopram is in the same family of antidepressants called ssris side effects may include nausea, weight gain, drowsiness, insomnia, dry mouth, constipation, dizziness, anxiety or sexual side effects. learn how to cope. what can i do if my ssri is causing me to have insomnia? i’ve been on prozac for a year (and it’s been a huge help with my ocd), but i can’t seem to string, .

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