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clinical case study template is a clinical case study sample that gives infomration on clinical case study design and format. when designing clinical case study example, it is important to consider clinical case study template style, design, color and theme. earn hpcsa and sacnasp cpd points infectious diseases i have spots and my skin burns a case of a 10 year old boy with a 3 week history of diarrhoea, vomiting and cough a case of fever and general malaise a case of persistant hectic fever a case of sudden rapid neurological deterioration in an hiv positive 27 year old female a case of swollen hands an unusual cause of fulminant hepatitis case of a right axillary swelling case of giant wart case of recurrent meningitis case of repeated apnoea and infections in a premature infant case of sudden onset of fever, rash and neck pain doctor, my sister is confused eight month old boy with recurrent infections enlarged testicles failure to thrive despite appropriate treatment right axillary swelling severe anaemia in hiv positive child the case of a floppy infant two year old with spiking fevers and depressed level of consciousness 17 year old male with fever and decreased level of consciousness 3 tb vignettes a 10 year old girl with a hard palate defect a case of decreased joint function, fever and rash immunotherapy keep up while the storm is raging autoimmune conditions fireworks of autoimmunity from birth my eyes cross at twilight a case of a 3 month old infant with bloody urine and stools a case of scaly annular plaques case of eye injury and decreased vision my head hurts and i cannot speak?

clinical case study format

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defaulted treatment 25 year old female presents with persistent flu-like symptoms gastrointestinal disorders a case of persistent bloody diarrhoea hypersensitivity i’ve been coughing for so long a case of acute fever, rash and vomiting adverse event following routine vaccination malignancies a case of cough, wasting and lymphadenopathy a case of lymphadenopathy and night sweats case of enlarged hard tongue in the red mother to child transmission a high risk pregnancy primary immunodeficiencies a four year old with immunodeficiency young girl with recurrent history of mycobacterial disease immunodeficiency and failure to thrive case of recurrent infections an 8 year old boy with recurrent respiratory infections 4 year old boy with recurrent bacterial infections secondary immunodeficiencies is this treatment failure or malnutrition