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compensation study template is a compensation study sample that gives infomration on compensation study design and format. when designing compensation study example, it is important to consider compensation study template style, design, color and theme. to be effective, your compensation plan must exist as a thoughtful, delicate balance between sustained operations in the present and future, while also motivating and rewarding your people fairly. from gaining acceptance from employees and stakeholders to retaining top performers and planning strategically, an effective compensation plan provides your organization with a competitive edge in the never-ending race for top talent. our experience in both the human resources and financial arenas marries with our industry expertise to provide us with a solid foundation to recommend and implement practical, creative compensation solutions to keep our clients at their competitive best. challengelike many companies in their industry, this fifth-generation, privately owned global steel pipe manufacturer found competitive pay practices to be a critical factor in attracting new employees and retaining existing talent.

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after compressing some of the positions, ssa analyzed 69 positions against relevant market compensation survey data to determine the competitiveness of the positions and the company’s pay practices as a whole. ssa also redesigned the company’s comprehensive salary structure with updated features such as condensed salary grades, more competitive salary range spreads, and customized mid-point progressions. ssa provided additional recommendations to the compensation administration and presented an implementation plan based on the findings and adjustments needed as a result of the study. ssa is a team of professionals with diverse academic credentials and complementary, real-world management experience.

with the changing labor environment, there are more and more discussions about pay, benefits, and other key factors in attracting quality employees. the data provided in these types of reports provides information that is a comparison of amounts paid on average either in your area, or in school districts of a similar size or nature. a study of this nature is time intensive and will require some strong analytical skills. it is important to include some non-financial data for the comparison as well. once these factors are determined, a survey is created and provided to multiple districts either in your area or of a similar size/location. raw data can be provided to participating districts to convince them to participate, or several districts could work together to obtain and pay for a compensation study.

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this will allow a comparison of like items to like items. it will also include averages and comparisons between the requesting district(s) to the average. all of this is based on the key information determined during engagement planning and requested via the survey. all of this information provides key insights into the differences in your district’s average salaries by category to other districts of a similar size or to other employers in your area. if you are interested in a compensation study, please contact us and we can discuss the options available to your district. tries to provide content that is true and accurate as of the date of writing; however, we give no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or applicability of any of the contents. providing quality service is our primary objective, and our history of quality control assures you that we have the highest standards.

in an effort to have a revised compensation program that is fair, competitive, and sustainable, loyola university has undertaken an internal transformation on key items: given the market assessment results, sibson worked with loyola hr to make revisions to its salary structure and assign jobs to the appropriate grades within the structure. sibson consulting performed a pay equity analysis on staff jobs at loyola university maryland using the proposed salaries and grades under the new salary structure institutions often are unable to absorb the cost implications of a revised structure in one year.

market data helped to inform the re-design of the university’s salary structure, and reflected salary levels within the agreed-upon comparison markets  however, market data only provide a reference point for compensation decisions. policies for managing compensation provide managers and employees with a framework and key principles for how compensation is administered. use proposed structure aging percentages from published compensation surveys to age structure annually, with budget permitting hold vice presidents, hr, and managers accountable for ensuring employee salaries are within the assigned grade range of job