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consulting case presentation template is a consulting case presentation sample that gives infomration on consulting case presentation design and format. when designing consulting case presentation example, it is important to consider consulting case presentation template style, design, color and theme. management consulting is a decades old industry, and the case interview has been a consistent staple in the consulting recruiting process throughout this time. instead, in a case presentation interview, your ability to understand which data is important, remain focused on solving the core business problem, and making a concise yet persuasive presentation is paramount. the case presentation interview is how firms test your ability to identify good data from bad, extract insights, turn them into actionable recommendations, and present these recommendations in a persuasive way. usually, the firm will provide you with a large set of data and extraneous information. when you first receive the packet of information for the case presentation interview, budget your time. identify what you think the key takeaway is and choose 2-3 underlying arguments to support your hypothesis, building a storyboard on paper.

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following the pyramid principle is our recommended approach to building a case presentation. your goal in this process is to display your ability to identify what’s most important for the client and only include data in your presentation that directly backs up your main recommendation. one of the biggest advantages you have is that the data you need is all right in front of you. not only will we help you analyze the data and develop a recommendation, we’ll help you build a presentation to communicate it too. no matter how you feel about your recommendation and the process you took to get there, sell it to your interviewers. it’s exactly what you’ll have to do on the job as a consultant. the case presentation interview is fantastic opportunity for you to highlight a breadth of transferable skills – analysis, communication, problem solving and more.

the best way to practice is to take graphs from online sources and use a timer to test in how much time you can understand the key message. the first thing you should do in a presentation case is to define a plan and allocate in the best possible way your time. you normally have to present your findings at the end of a presentation case. a great title would be cost structure of division xyz is not sustainable due to abc, assuming you have insides on the cause. to perform above average in this step, you need first to understand the principles of scoring and why this is different from a regular case study interview.

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the main presentation is where you will present your recommendation to the interviewer(s) while the appendix is where you have all the back-up analysis that helped you come to that specific recommendation and eliminate others. as an additional help you can look here: this is a classic way to test your presentation and analytical skills. take your time (3-5′) to go through all the material and select your priorities. best, norah in addition to all the comments and explanations, find below an exemplary practice case that can be used for such a presentation interview format. learn the basics of a real consulting case interview and repeatedly train the skills you need to ace your real case interview at mbb or the big four.

the above-mentioned hypothetical situation is an example of a case study interview, often used by professional services firms to assess and hire applicants. in contrast to an interviewer-led, a candidate-led is less regimented, and the candidate takes the wheel. the candidate will run the analysis, provide a diagnosis, and based on it will define a strategy to overcome the challenge and reach the objective. in order to construct a framework for a market study in a case interview, the candidate must focus on five components. it wants to improve the quality and quantity of children’s education.

the primary purpose is to examine the issue from the top-down approach to get a higher-level view. the second question is quantitative and requires analysis of a table containing distinct informational values relative to competitor nations. these two approaches for the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the case interview enable us to cover the fundamentals of a case study interview. it is useful to define what the market size is and how to give a proper estimate for the market segment based on the given information. impress your audience and secure deals by knowing the insights on how to create a winning sponsorship deck. but what truly is a presentation and how to make one?