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airing has invented a micro cpap device that has no hoses, no cords, and no masks. airing is the result of an incredibly happy accident. “as i started to look at how others approached the micro fluidic pumps in the mems (micro electro mechanical systems) world, i saw a lot of limitations and inefficiencies in their designs. once i had designed these micro pumps, i realized that they could and should be built using the “roll-to-roll” (r2r) manufacturing process. my brother suffers from sleep apnea, and is what is known as “non-compliant” (he won’t wear the traditional sleep mask). in thinking of his situation, i realized that the pumping capability of my new design could just as easily be used to pump air into a small device that could fit in your nose. based on this apparent feasibility and the desperate need for an alternative to the traditional cpap masks, we formed airing to develop the next generation cpap breathing device.” cords won’t get caught in the covers tugging on the big traditional strapped masks and loosening the seal.

wearing the airing device means you can toss and turn all you want, all the while maintaining a perfect seal. you will get more done. in short, you will be more of who you are. airing means no more snoring, and no more snoring means your partner is liberated as well. we need your help to get airing off the drawing board and into the hands of sleep apnea patients everywhere. but most importantly, of course, we invite you to contribute to the cause on june, 2015, on indiegogo (link to be posted when we launch). liberate your friends and familywe launched in june, 2015, a campaign on indiegogo to generate enough money to make airing happen and had a very successful campaign. we could still use your help, follow us on facebook, twitter, linkedin, anywhere your friends are and invite people to get behind this important technological marvel that is just too revolutionary to not exist.

airing is the world’s first hoseless, maskless, battery-powered micro-cpap machine. introducing the world’s first hoseless, cordless, maskless, battery-powered cpap device. you read that right. airing has invented a micro cpap the makers of airing, a cordless and maskless micro-cpap, claim that their devices eliminate snoring. these devices attach to your nose with, new sleep apnea treatment 2021, new sleep apnea treatment 2021, micro cpap, airing cpap price, airing cpap.

inspire is an alternative to cpap that works inside your body while you sleep. it’s a small device placed during a same-day, outpatient procedure. when you’re special design – anti snore device stops snoring, reduces breath shortness and optimizes airflows in the nasal passages for comfortable sleep without snoring. snore stopper-2022 new micro cpap anti snoring device nose snore stopper, portable adjustable snore aid good snoring solution for men, fda approved micro cpap, sleep apnea machine, cpap for snoring amazon, inspire cpap.

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