Course evaluation template

Course evaluation template is a sample document that shows the course evaluation process, course evaluation procedure and methods for evaluating the course effectiveness and efficiency. A well drafted course evaluation sample can help both education institutions and instructors to improve the course format, structure and content.


Course Evaluation Format

Course evaluation need to take into account the evaluation approach. There are many methods and tools to conduct the course evaluation. Through the course evaluation, The instructors can get some immediate insight into which elements of the course worked and which did not. The course evaluation can be conducted through survey and questionnaire. In the survey, you can ask students individually and quantitatively evaluated the success of each topic and instructional activity used in the course.

Course evaluation need to consider the evaluation standards. During the course survey design, it is important to consider the key elements of the course activities. The course evaluation can be assessed through five dimensions: enjoyment, thought-provoking, learning, job preparation, and time-worthiness. the students worked individually or in self-formed groups to provide open-ended feedback. For example, The students can provide their feedback and opinion on their most favorite and least favorite topics, and the strengths and weaknesses associated with the three main instructional strategies.

Course Evaluation Template

There is evaluation template you can download for reference, however, you may consider designing your sample course evaluation templates based on course requirements and needs as institutions and course style may differ considerably. During the design process, it is important to consider the course evaluation format, course evaluation layout and course evaluation outline.

The first key part in the course evaluation template is the course evaluation introduction. In the section, you need to state the course evaluation background information, the course evaluation purpose and the course evaluation objectives. For example, The course evaluation goals:__; The Course evaluation objectives:__.

The second key part in the course evaluation form is the key course evaluation criteria. In the section, you need to list the key evaluation standards and the scoring methods. For example, the Course Content:__; The score:__; The Course Enjoyment:__; The Score:__.

The third key part in the course evaluation sample is the course evaluation resources and support. In the section, you need to state the person who are responsible for the evaluation and what is the support for the students if they have questions. You may also provide additional space for the open feedback from students.