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a curriculum vitae (cv) is a document used to apply for a job that overviews your skills, work experience, and education. in most of the world, the words “cv” and “resume” both refer to the document you send to employers to apply for a job. put simply, if you’re applying for jobs in the us or canada, you should use an american resume, and use a cv only to apply for academic positions. on the other hand, if you’re applying for a job in marketing or design your cv can be more creative. usually, you should list a maximum of four unique positions to keep your cv to an easily scannable length.

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while listing a bunch of skills in the skills section of your cv doesn’t prove that you’re qualified for the job, highlighting targeted, specific skills does show employers that you at least understand the job requirements. typically, hard skills are either the technical skills needed to perform a specific job, or a general set of abilities, like project management. if you’re a polyglot, consider listing languages in a separate section on your cv to show off your skills. adding a section for volunteer work on your cv is a great way to highlight some of your transferable skills and demonstrate that you’re involved in your community. the best way to start is by downloading one of our free cv templates and filling it in with your information.