difficulty sleeping through the night

waking up in the night is actually a form of insomnia, and it can be caused by anything from stress to eating spicy foods too close to bed. most people wake up throughout the night to relieve themselves, but if you stay awake for too long after, it can disrupt your sleep cycle. if you wake up with a dry mouth, wake yourself up by snoring loudly, or your partner tells you that you stop breathing in the night, you may be a sufferer of sleep apnea. if your room is too warm in the middle of the night, your body might think that it’s time to be awake and alert.

your natural rhythm is disrupted, and you’re much more likely to wake often throughout the night and experience a lower quality of sleep. nighttime heartburn can wake you up with a burning or choking sensation in your throat, and the pain and discomfort makes it hard to fall back asleep. however, the rush of that chemical subsides as quickly as it came, and you wake up before you feel rested. learn more about staying cool while you sleep and how to regulate your circadian rhythm to get the best sleep possible.

interrupted sleep may be caused by age; lifestyle habits, such as drinking alcohol too close to bedtime; medication side effects; or an underlying waking up in the middle of the night is called insomnia, and it’s a common problem. mid-sleep awakenings often occur during periods of stress. most people wake up once or twice during the night. reasons this might happen include drinking caffeine or alcohol late in the day,, .

poor sleep environment. yep, your environment could be to blame for your inability to sleep through the night. as comfy and cozy as your bed may sleeping difficulty is when you have trouble sleeping at night. it may be hard for you to fall asleep, or you may wake up several times throughout the night another cause of nighttime awakening is sleep apnea — a medical disorder where breathing starts and stops throughout the night. if you wake up, .

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