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digital marketing case study template is a digital marketing case study sample that gives infomration on digital marketing case study design and format. when designing digital marketing case study example, it is important to consider digital marketing case study template style, design, color and theme. in this post, we’ll cover nine of our latest digital marketing case studies to dive deep into real-world scenarios in which we walk through the successes, challenges, and roi that our clients experienced. marketers can also measure kpis to plan future campaigns, improve existing strategies, and create a basis for decision-making. they reached out to single grain to launch a paid social and search strategy for their digital marketing campaign. we also used their linkedin page to establish the client as a leader in their niche. this is why we expanded to programmatic ads with a full-funnel digital marketing approach. after the first month of the campaign, hestan culinary achieved a 218% increase in conversions and a roas that went from 1.91 to 9.20. we sustained these metrics for over 45 days after the launch, and hestan culinary achieved more revenue.

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in addition to these standout cases, we created a complete media strategy for locknlube, adding new digital platforms to their campaign. we drove revenue for locknlube thanks to the launch of eight new digital marketing channels and re-optimizing their existing amazon, ebay, and tiktok strategies. to cut back on costs, we created a manual bidding strategy and scrapped the previous automated bidding campaign. we experimented with manual bidding and doing away with their previous automated strategy to try and improve the roas. by using performance max, we were able to improve tofu digital marketing search demand and improve cpa for the mom project. for instance: this digital marketing case study example showcases the power of a well-planned and executed strategy, highlighting the importance of targeting, content, and continuous optimization in achieving marketing goals. single grain is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps great companies grow their revenues online.

emotions and feelings bind both of them in a relationship that is honest and adds loyalty to the brand value. we hope that you are able to learn more with the help of these digital marketing case studies. burger king is legendary when it comes to establishing their digital footprints in the space of digital marketing. the constant competition among the two brand rivals, burger king and mc donald’s, often caused a ripple in the waters of digital marketing space. burger king is one such brand that does love to play with the technologies to create a marketing experience that its consumers least expect it to. and as a result, any home device that is nearer and able to hear the prompt would enable itself and read up the famous whopper burger by burger king.

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the brand is known to be winning hearts on social media, all due credits to its mastery in digital marketing space. the brand promotes capturing the little moments of life in a way, telling the audience to live, not merely exist. the new digital marketing campaign by the times of india has been raking up emotions attached to the print newspapers in every household. it was narrated in the voice of famous lyricist gulzar, to the audience in the form of a short film that also featured his poem. this brings us to the end of the blog on successful digital marketing case studies that brought good results. if you wish to learn more about how to build successful brand campaigns and learn the basics of digital marketing as well, join post-graduate certificate in digital marketing by great learning and upskill today!

digital marketing case studies surely are an exemplary way of inspiration that one can take the aid of, for learning the strategies and the ways by usage of which they can avoid commuting mistakes in digital marketing to a great extent. again one of the best case studies on digital marketing for you. as one of the best digital marketing case studies pdfs, this one is for sure quite useful for you. this not only made life easy for girls with donations but also provided the brand with an establishment in the market and a greater customer base due to the proficient use of digital marketing case studies.

they used digital marketing techniques to promote their movement “urban beardsmen” and that has helped in the success of the beard brand. the right implementation of an online marketing strategy that also includes coupons and social media marketing helps the brand in widening its reach in front of its target audience base. all in all, the company came up with a rock-solid digital marketing strategy which empowered it to make its place in top digital marketing case studies. for efficient usage of digital marketing, you may choose to get enrolled in the best digital marketing institute & indulge in paid advertising, seo, video advertising, conversion rate optimization, and many more.