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dissertation proposal powerpoint template is a dissertation proposal powerpoint sample that gives infomration on dissertation proposal powerpoint design and format. when designing dissertation proposal powerpoint example, it is important to consider dissertation proposal powerpoint template style, design, color and theme. the proposal should be prepared in accordance with utc formatting/apa style guidelines and should include a committee page similar to the committee page for the dissertation, as shown in the thesis and dissertation standards (link: thesis and dissertation). the proposal typically begins with a description of the context or background for the research question(s) in the study. the candidate will provide the chair with a draft of the proposal powerpoint presentation at least 14 days prior to the proposal defense. the proposal powerpoint recommended organization follows: the proposal defense serves as an opportunity for the candidate to share with the committee a complete first three chapters of the proposed study that is a comprehensive and well-defined plan for the dissertation. the chair will then contact the candidate and committee to set a proposal defense date and time (allotting 90 minutes).

dissertation proposal powerpoint format

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on the day of proposal defense, the candidate will provide a brief and succinct overview of the proposal, ensuring that the following major points are addressed in a thorough yet clear manner: following the candidate’s presentation, each committee member will be given the opportunity to present questions to the candidate; this is intended to probe the candidate’s understanding of the proposal and to clarify, to both the candidate and committee members, information which has been presented. after all committee members have had opportunities to ask questions and make suggestions or comments, the committee will deliberate and determine whether or not the proposal has been successfully defended and can be approved. however, it is important to note that approval of a proposal does not ensure approval of chapters 1-3 when defending the dissertation. data collection may not begin until the dissertation proposal has been successfully defended and the study has received irb approval. / 15 dissertation credit hours (ph.d.) and defend the dissertation. the candidate must be enrolled in a minimum of 2 dissertation credits (lead 7999) during the semester in which the final dissertation defense is held.