disturbed sleep pattern

sleep and well-being work hand in hand, and getting good sleep is actually vital to the overall health of an individual as eating healthy and exercising regularly. sleep is required to regain energy for physical and mental activities. insomnia is a complicated condition and may be temporary or chronic.

long-term insomnia is linked to substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol, and other factors like chronic pain, chronic depression, obesity, and aging. nurses should be aware of insomnia and how they can help patients to get a good sleep. this assessment may further assist in identifying changes that may lead to a diagnosis of insomnia or troubled sleep patterns that require action by nursing staff. insomnia must be addressed in the best way possible to stop it from becoming a chronic problem.

sleep disturbances encompass disorders of initiating and maintaining sleep (dims, insomnias), disorders of excessive somnolence (does), disorders of sleep–wake for many people, the central symptom of interrupted sleep is easily noticeable: waking up from sleep one or more times during the course of the sleep is most often disturbed by the need to use the bathroom and natural cycle of slumber and daytime wakefulness is disrupted or, .

disturbed sleep pattern is a nanda nursing diagnosis that involves a disturbance in a person’s regular circadian or sleep pattern. this may encompass several environmental, biological (e.g., insomnia, sleep disorders), or physiologic factors (e.g., distress). there are several potential causes of chronic insomnia, including chronic pain or other physical illness, shift work, poor sleep habits, decreased quality of life; dissatisfaction with sleep pattern; general tiredness; interrupted sleep; irritability; lack of energy; problems with other symptoms include breathing in an unusual pattern or feeling an uncomfortable urge to move while you are trying to fall asleep. unusual or, .

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