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if you snore, it’s because the relaxed tissues in your throat vibrate as the air you breathe in rushes past them. things like your weight, your health, and the shape of your mouth can make you more likely to sound like you’re sawing logs during the night. anything that stops you from breathing through your nose can make you snore, like if you’re stopped up from a cold, flu, or allergies. this can make you snore or make it worse. sleeping on your side is better, and cuddling with your partner — “spooning” — gets both of you on your sides. put a tennis ball in the pocket so it’s uncomfortable when you roll onto your back. that can make it harder for you to breathe and make you snore. talk to your doctor if you think something like this is going on with you — surgery can sometimes fix it. if the upper part of your mouth toward your throat — your soft palate — is low and thick, it can narrow your airway and make you snore. you may be born with these things, but they can get worse if you’re overweight.

drugs that make you sleepy (called sedatives), muscle relaxants, and some antidepressants can relax your tongue and the muscles in your throat. talk to your doctor if you snore and take any of those — they may be able to change your meds. it may make you gasp for breath or wake you during the night. it’s linked to stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease, so see your doctor if you think you might have sleep apnea. it’s not unusual for kids to snore now and then, especially if they have a cold or allergy. but in some cases, it can be a sign of an infection in the sinuses, throat, lungs, or airways, or possibly sleep apnea. weight gain during pregnancy also can push on the diaphragm, which helps move air in and out of your lungs. you’re more likely to snore if you’re overweight, especially if your neck is more than 17 inches if you’re a man or 16 inches if you’re a woman. talk to your doctor about a plan that would be right for you. like some medicines, adult beverages can relax your tongue and throat muscles, and that can make you snore.

we provide innovative solutions for health-screening and snoring prevention for people around the globe. sleep is the time to recover from daily activities and recharge. since this troublesome problem can be a real nuisance to you or your partner, let’s get to the bottom of various phases of sleep and find out what sleep stage causes snoring and at what stage of sleep does snoring occur. all the muscles of the airway relax so the passages narrow. it’s necessary to be aware of the all sleep stages you pass and in which the risk of snoring is higher. to get to know at what stage of sleep do you snore, you have to get familiar with these 5 phases of sleep and what each of them stands for: the question at what sleep stage does snoring occur most often has a clear answer. because of the extra hard work to get enough oxygen, snoring exacerbates your night cycle and doesn’t let you move on to the next stage.

during the third and fourth stages of sleep, snoring occurs as well. during these phases you are at the peak of calmness, that’s why your tongue can’t always be controlled, causing the difficulties. a good way to prevent snoring is using the anti-snoring app, like goodsomnia lab. it gathers the statistics of your sleep, detects and analyzes snoring sounds and informs you when you started snoring. finding out the cause of your snoring is good to prevent emotional and physical footage. the app will give you comprehensive feedback on your health state with valuable recommendations. the app will give you comprehensive feedback on your health state with valuable recommendations.

snoring. snoring occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues, such as your tongue, soft palate and airway, as you breathe. the sagging tissues if you snore, it’s because the relaxed tissues in your throat vibrate as the air you breathe in rushes past them. about half of u.s. adults snoring happens when air cannot flow freely through the airway as you breathe in and out during sleep. when the airway is narrowed or partially, .

why do people snore? snoring is the sound of obstructed breathing, which can be caused by some basic factors, such as poor muscle tone, bulky throat tissue, or snoring happens when air can’t flow easily through the mouth or nose. when the air is forced through an obstructed area, soft tissues in the snoring can be caused by enlarged tonsils, the nose structure or excess weight around the neck. during sleep, our neck muscles can relax so much that in, .

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