Employee evaluation template

Employee evaluation template is a sample evaluation document that shows the employee evaluation process, employee evaluation procedure of how to judge the performance in a define period. A well designed employee evaluation sample can help both business and employee to correctly and efficiently evaluate the individual contribution to the organization.


Employee Evaluation Overview

Employee evaluation is crucial to the management of human resource of business. There are different types of evaluation system existed in business: organization performance evaluation, department performance evaluation and employee perfom1ance evaluation. Employee evaluation is mainly focusing on inspecting, analyzing and evaluating the employee work behaviors and results. Employee evaluation can stimulate the employee enthusiasm, improve employee productivity, ensure the organization strategic objectives realization, form harmonious organization atmosphere, promote organizational culture, and finally gain a competitive superiority.

Employee evaluation need to have a clear and understandable performance evaluation expectations. Each job function of employee will have one or more standards by which evaluation can be evaluated. The Supervisor and the employee should identity and agree upon how the employee’s performance will be measured for each job function for the Appraisal Period. This insures that the employee is made aware of and understands the level of expected performance for each job function.

Employee Evaluation Template Design

There is free evaluation template you can download for reference, however, you may use Microsoft software such as Word to develop your sample employee evaluation template based on business needs and requirements. During the design process, it is key to understanding the employee evaluation form, employee evaluation format, employee evaluation layout and employee evaluation outline.

The first key part in the employee evaluation template is the employee evaluation introduction. In the section, you need to show basic information about the employee details such as the name, the department, the division, the section and the position etc.

The second part in the employee evaluation form is the employee evaluation standard and items. In the section, you need to state the details of evaluation standards. For example, the employee work performance self assessment:__; The employee work performance by supervisor:__ etc.

The last key part in the employee evaluation sample the comments and reviews. In the section, you need to show the comments and reviews from the management team. For example, you need to show the overall ratings and comments from supervisors and managers and the recommendations etc.