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event case study template is a event case study sample that gives infomration on event case study design and format. when designing event case study example, it is important to consider event case study template style, design, color and theme. event planners are creating effective and successful events every single day, but on the whole we could do better with sharing event data and best practice. when a project is over we brainstorm and analyze internally within our team and with our clients but very few of us publish meaningful data and outcomes from our events for others to learn from and be inspired by. perhaps this is one of the reasons why some executives struggle to appreciate the results and return that events can bring and why we still battle to protect event budgets in times of austerity? these 5 case studies from 2016 focus on events that achieved their objectives and share top tips on their learnings and data. through smart event badges they were able to create a total of 9,459 positive matches between participants with shared interests and analyze more closely the supply and demand. if you invest in a mobile app for your event you want to be sure that people will download and use it. focusing on three main areas, this is how they did it and the difference they made.

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this case study shares how the colorado judicial branch doubled the number of attendees for their largest conference and saved countless hours of administration time. this case study looks at how the get fit and thick tour streamlined their processes for event success across the us. by taking this bold step we can educate and support each other to run more effective events and further professionalize the event industry and spend event budget where they will yield the greatest results. we know the importance of events, and event technology, we need to do more to prove it to those that still need convincing. it’s the human touch—crafting memorable experiences and compelling stories—that will ultimately define the success of events in the data-driven age. when the balance is right, companies can successfully foster, support and monetize communities that positively affect their profits. vegan, gluten-free, paleo, and nut allergies are just some of the dietary requirements that event professionals should be aware of. do you have contingency plans in place?

our client desired to infuse the spirit of travel into the event design of their annual event and create a sense of unity among employees who have how do you host a corporate christmas party for an entire office while also adhering to pandemic gathering limits and physical distancing requirements during winter and outdoors? follow along as we dive deeper into this micro… previously on the bright ideas blog, we saw a glimpse of this tropical virtual corporate retreat and the event details. not only did we want to represent the world-class stature of the automotive brand, but we also wanted the event experience to be recognized worldwide. the bright ideas team needed to elevate and… organizing your corporate christmas party is no walk in the park. that’s not always the case!

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this case study looks at how we organized a seamless hybrid event in the ever changing times and restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic. creating an engaging, entertaining and interactive gold bar gala themed event is always top-of-mind when a client chooses us to produce their event. despite our obstacles, the 1920’s soiree holiday staff event still delivered the luxurious touches we had originally planned. this gala had to be all about food and strengthening the bond in their community. great food! loads of food!

these case studies provide information on the economic impact of each event and a breakdown of the statistics that contributed to the impact (e.g. the inaugural event took place in plymouth in july 2010. using a large scale street survey, and an adapted version of eventimpacts recommended methodology, serio (university of plymouth) carried out an economic impact assessment of the event. respondents were also overwhelmingly positive about the impact of the event on the community and local area, with the large majority agreeing to some extent that attracting events like the blue mile was good for the image of plymouth.

this eventimpacts report on the world duathlon championships 2010 has been produced by eventscotland on behalf of the partners involved in the event, drawing on a study carried out by ekos. as a result of the outcomes of this study, uk sport has continued to assess the links between events and participation in sport or physical activity and has since conducted further research at seven more major events. not only did the consortium agree that the method used for undertaking the economic impact assessment should be broadly in line with that of the eventimpacts toolkit, but the study also provided a useful vehicle for trialling some of the survey instruments promoted in eventimpacts for evaluating the experience of being an event volunteer and for assessing the effects of an event on the image and identity of a hosting locality.