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figma case study template is a figma case study sample that gives infomration on figma case study design and format. when designing figma case study example, it is important to consider figma case study template style, design, color and theme. many innovative brands like square, github, classpass, and asana have something in common: they do design work in figma, the first professional-grade ui design tool built entirely in the browser. as a product manager and early figma employee, badrul farooqi’s role is to make sure the product and engineering teams are building the right things at the right time—and to coordinate successful launches with go-to-market teams, like sales and marketing. the team was small and figma had yet to launch publicly. badrul wanted to find a flexible and straightforward tool that could manage product and engineering backlogs. he needed to connect cross-functional teams across the company during large launches when all hands were on deck. badrul first tested asana with just one team, to confirm that it was easier to use than their existing system. he then migrated the entire product and engineering teams’ work from jira to asana, and shared light trainings and documentation with the team to preview the tool.

figma case study format

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when figma develops a new feature, they create a product spec document, and the moment the team aligns on it, it’s transferred to an asana project. to make this faster, they use a project template that includes the typical steps and milestones for the product manager, designer, and engineers involved. for broader launches, cross-functional teams also manage tasks and due dates in asana, and they attach files to capture strategy and other details. as work progresses, asana becomes a detailed record of action and discussion, which provides a historical artifact for the organization and anyone who needs to understand why a decision was made. the product and engineering teams have been able to cut down their stand-up meeting time by 50%, saving an hour or two every week, because they no longer need to share status updates about what they’re working on—it’s all in asana. they’ll be moving forward on their vision to make design accessible to more people—who aren’t necessarily professional designers—and help them bring their creativity to life. all the products, features, and resources to make that possible will be managed in asana.