full moon insomnia

the belief that the moon exerts a direct influence on the body and mind can be traced back to pre-christian times. a good example is the triggering of the spawning of the coral on the great barrier reef around the full moon in december. so the researchers were able to retrospectively analyze the effect of the full moon on the sleep of the 33 unaware volunteers. they found that the peak of sleep onset time and lowest overall sleep occurred in the three to five days before the full moon. i am a female in my 80’s and have had difficulty falling asleep a few days before the full moon for as long as i can recall. i put it down to having a titanium coil in my brain and the moon affecting it but who knows? i toss and turn, my mind races and eventually i turn on my phone to see when the next full moon is. i have never actively tracked the moon phase but i do know when there is a full moon. it is december 1, 2020, for the past few nights i have awakened at approximately 2:30 am and lay in bed trying to go back to sleep to no avail. i am going to bed at the same time and will fall asleep as usual. yes, the full moon really does affect my sleep and it has for as long i can remember. it is 07.10 am here on the coast in brighton, and i am still wide awake!

i keep a diary and have just checked, and the dates are around a full moon. i’m not a superstitious person, nor do i believe in astrology to the fullest, but the full moon monthly disrupts my sleep. my sleep has been disturbed for the past few days leading up to the full moon although i did not realise a full moon was approaching. i am not aware when there is one but on checking, true enough, the full moon was out. i have definitely not always been like this maybe only in the last 3 yrs or so and it’s not every full moon. strange thing is that i slept so well during the day this week but the one night i’m off i couldn’t sleep at all due to being so restless, jittery and not being able to quiet my mind. i’m not aware of the moon and still, when i wake up once in a month i can tell “it was full moon last night” and it actually was. even when i couldn’t see the moon and when i had no idea there was a full moon. happens all the time with me, 2 days before, and i am almost always oblivious to the date of full moon for decades, my sleep is dramatically impacted several nights a week before a full moon. a few hours of tv in the evenings is my normal precursor to going to bed and i normally go between 22:30 and midnight, falling asleep straight away. unlike you, the energy i feel during the sleepless night is more restless and it feels like a firework inside me waiting to ignite. i really didn’t believe that the moon could influence my sleep behavior but i only happens on the days near full moon and full moon day.

“we see a clear lunar modulation of sleep, with sleep decreasing and a later onset of sleep in the days preceding a full moon,” said de la people have long reported that it is harder to get to sleep and remain asleep when the moon is full, and even after a seemingly good night’s a new study finds we sleep less on the nights leading up to a full moon. however, researchers don’t understand why this occurs. researchers, .

the recent full moon might be to blame for your poor sleep. in the days close to a full moon, people take longer to doze off, sleep less deeply, and sleep for a shorter time, even if the moon isn’t shining in their window, a new study has found. “a lot of people are going to say, ‘yeah, i knew this already. moonlight is a reflection of sunlight, which affects levels of melatonin, a hormone that signals nighttime and sleep time. previous studies have found lower melatonin and men’s testosterone levels during full moons and higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol during full moons. a full moon affecting sleep is a legit thing and october’s full moon is, unfortunately, no exception. it’s called ‘lunar insomnia’, another sleep study found that the full moon is associated with worse sleep. on average, people took five minutes longer to fall asleep, took a full moon catches the eye and people link it to their night of interrupted sleep – whereas a crescent moon is less likely to be noticed. “full, .

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