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functional skills cv template is a functional skills cv sample that gives infomration on functional skills cv design and format. when designing functional skills cv example, it is important to consider functional skills cv template style, design, color and theme. by creating a skills-based cv that emphasises your skills, you automatically stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of recruiters. with a skills-based cv, they have to do a bit more digging for a holistic view of your career history. that said, it can be beneficial to use a skills-based resume template when you don’t have a straightforward career history and you want to highlight your transferable skills. a chronological cv will draw attention to the job-hopping and make your career history seem erratic. a skills-based cv draws attention away from your work and gives you the opportunity to mention projects that you’ve completed at university or schools that are relevant to the job application.

functional skills cv overview

with a skills-based cv, you have the opportunity to demonstrate that you’re a suitable candidate despite the gaps in your cv. this is a positioning statement consisting of 4-6 lines that summarises your career history and states your career goals. this allows recruiters and employers to quickly establish whether you have the right skills for the job even if your work history isn’t directly related. consider adding separate sections for volunteering and hobbies and interests to help paint a well-rounded picture of you if you haven’t already referred to them in the skills section of your cv. the key thing to remember is to tie your skills and experiences to the target job description.

one of the best cv formats to truly promote yourself and your talents, and make you seem like the strongest candidate for the job, is a skills-based cv. instead, you highlight what you’ve learned in those previous roles, and how those skills can be transferred to your new role. again, it may well be a completely different industry or domain to the one you have most of your experience in, but by writing a skills-based cv, you’ll prove your enthusiasm and relevant skills to position you as the right choice for the role. a skills-based cv will give you some direction and confidence in applying to the role.

functional skills cv format

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functional skills cv guide

this section isn’t the most important section, but if you are lacking in some bits of experience that an employer might be looking for, it can really boost your cv. from your compiled list of skills from previous roles, try and include five or six skills related to the position you are applying to. it’s good practice to put down a couple of names, job titles, and contact details for your references – of course, if you have their permission to do so. the aim of a skills-based cv is to demonstrate your skills, and how you can use them in the role you are applying to.