headache and insomnia

a new study in the journal of clinical sleep medicine shows there may be a link between headaches, naps, and insomnia. the study involved 32 women who have tension headaches. ninety-four percent of the women reported that stress was a trigger of their headaches. so is sleep the best treatment for tension headaches?

fifty-six percent of the women also reported that sleep problems are a trigger of their headaches. “while napping may relieve pain, it may also result in poor sleep hygiene, thus triggering sleep disturbance or perpetuating an insomnia episode.” this may lead to an episode of insomnia. to break this cycle, practice good sleep hygiene and limit the use of naps as a headache treatment. the ninds recommends other treatment options. you may want to take a hot shower or apply moist heat to the back of the neck.

nevertheless, information regarding the prevalence and impact of insomnia among individuals with tth in a population-based setting is limited. additional research has indicated that the prevalence of insomnia is higher in patients with tth than in individuals without headache [10]. the self-reported insomnia severity index (isi) was used to evaluate the presence and severity of insomnia [17]. among individuals with tth, factors exhibiting significant differences between those with insomnia and those without insomnia were considered for univariable analyses. the prevalence of insomnia among participants with tth was significantly higher than that among participants without headache (13.2% vs. 5.8%, p < 0.001).

prevalence of insomnia among individuals without headache, those with tth fulfilling pm criteria, and those with tth not fulfilling pm criteria. therefore, proper identification and management of insomnia may reduce the impact of headache among individuals with tth. although there was no significant difference in the prevalence of insomnia between individuals with tth fulfilling pm criteria and those not fulfilling pm criteria, the prevalence of insomnia among those fulfilling pm criteria was numerically higher than that among those not fulfilling pm criteria (fig. therefore, proper identification and management of insomnia may reduce the impact of headache among individuals with tth. j psychosom res 64(4):443–449 johnson eo, roth t, breslau n (2006) the association of insomnia with anxiety disorders and depression: exploration of the direction of risk. sleep med rev 23:54–67 ohayon mm, roth t (2003) place of chronic insomnia in the course of depressive and anxiety disorders.

the most common sleep problem for people living with migraine is insomnia. this includes difficulty falling or staying asleep, early morning a new study in the journal of clinical sleep medicine shows there may be a link between tension headaches, naps, and insomnia. our findings indicate that insomnia is more prevalent among individuals with tth than among those without headache. moreover, among individuals, .

insomnia, difficulty with falling or staying asleep, is the most common sleep complaint among patients with frequent headaches. insomnia can be related to conditions common among headache patients, such as depression, anxiety, lack of exercise, and medications that make good sleep harder to achieve. creating good sleep hygiene is the main focus of your treatment. relaxation, including reducing stress and stimulation, before bedtime is especially important for headache sufferers, even when you are headache free. aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. during the day, get enough exercise and limit stimulants. 2). insomnia is a risk factor for migraine onset and for increased migraine impact, pain intensity and chronification. moreover, migraineurs are scientists have found a clear link between a lack of sleep and migraine and tension headaches. it appears that a lack of sleep reduces the being sleep deprived can make you more likely to develop a tension headache during the day. it’s often a vicious cycle, dr. foldvary-schaefer, .

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