insomnia prevention

you may know exactly when and why your poor sleep started, perhaps during a particular time of high stress. often the reasons why the poor sleep continues has nothing to do with the factors that triggered the poor sleep in the first place. here we discuss how chronic insomnia can develop from a combination of factors (presented in the 3ps model) and what you can do to prevent acute insomnia from becoming chronic. you may wake up repeatedly during the night when this normally doesn’t happen. other symptoms of poor sleep may include: we sometimes call short-term poor sleep ‘acute insomnia’. acute insomnia can last from one night to a few weeks. you may worry that these nights of poor sleep are developing into chronic insomnia. the 3ps model explains how chronic insomnia can develop and become ongoing. the model outlines that predisposing factors (like your genetic make-up) are responsible for the occasional night of poor sleep.

it is the combination of all three factors which leads to chronic insomnia. in the 3ps model, predisposing factors are characteristics that make you more likely to develop poor sleep. an individual’s personality may make them more prone to anxiety or depression. individuals with these types of personalities may find getting a good night of sleep more difficult. we also know that being female may put you more at risk of poor sleep, although we don’t fully understand why this is the case. there are some behaviours and beliefs, called perpetuating factors, that make it more likely that a sleep problem will develop into chronic insomnia. for more detail on each point see our fact sheet common mistakes with sleep. adopt good sleep habits, and learn more about the various issues that can affect how well we sleep (see understanding and helping poor sleep). a monash university randomised control pilot study showed completion of the program led to significant improvement in measures of insomnia.

(1) in and of itself, a night or two of bad sleep isn’t a critical problem. but this insomnia is so short lasting that once the cause behind it disappears, you return to your normal sleep patterns, according to a study in the journal chest. and everyone’s going to have a poor night of sleep from time to time. to better understand how insomnia develops and its causes in a specific individual, sleep experts often use what’s called the “spielman model” or “3p behavioral model” of insomnia. chronic insomnia is three or more nights of poor sleep each week for a period of three months or longer.

yet the good news is that insomnia can be overcome and sufferers really can learn how to sleep again, as current treatment therapies are highly effective. it’s available as a supplement and does not carry the same risk as other prescription sleep aids of becoming addictive, according to past research. it makes sense that if you have a lot of anxiety, it will be tougher to relax and fall asleep. for example, there’s evidence that insomnia is both an early warning sign and a possible contributor to brain diseases like alzheimer’s, notes the national sleep foundation. the american sleep association is a nonprofit dedicated to improving public health by promoting awareness about the importance of sleep and facts about sleep disorders. the audio sequence you hear is intended to help quiet your mind and help you sleep.

think about your individual predisposing, precipitating and perpetuating factors. what do you need to change to prevent chronic insomnia? adopt prevention of insomnia get up and go to sleep at the same time every day, even on weekends get regular physical activity, which includes walking and other low how can i prevent insomnia? if your bedroom is too noisy or too bright, do what you can to create a quiet, dark environment with adequate, .

avoid or limit caffeine and alcohol, and don’t use nicotine. avoid large meals and beverages before bedtime. make your bedroom comfortable for sleep and only use it for sex or sleep. create a relaxing bedtime ritual, such as taking a warm bath, reading or listening to soft music. lifestyle changes often help improve sleep for people with short-term insomnia. these include avoiding caffeine and other stimulants, going to, .

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