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loud, frequent snoring can make it hard for both you and your bed partner to get enough sleep. when you sleep, the muscles in your throat relax and your tongue slips back in your mouth. when you breathe, the walls of your throat vibrate, causing the sound of snoring. you should also talk with your provider if you have episodes of no breathing (apnea) during the night. your partner can tell you if you are snoring loudly or making choking and gasping sounds. sleep apnea and snoring. 2nd ed.

snoring and pathologic upper airway resistance syndromes. principles and practice of sleep medicine. sleep apnea and sleep disorders. in: flint pw, francis hw, haughey bh, et al, eds. philadelphia, pa: elsevier; 2021:chap 15. updated by: linda j. vorvick, md, clinical associate professor, department of family medicine, uw medicine, school of medicine, university of washington, seattle, wa. also reviewed by david zieve, md, mha, medical director, brenda conaway, editorial director, and the a.d.a.m. a licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. links to other sites are provided for information only — they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites.

it wakes up your bed partner and keeps them from getting a good night sleep. this is a very common problem and many adults snore sometimes. snoring is a noise made when the throat closes and the airflow decreases. if there is cessation of breathing, this is sleep apnea, which is a medical problem, and treatment can help. all information provided on this website is for information purposes only. please discuss nutrition, medication and treatment options with your doctor to make sure you are getting the proper care for your particular situation. there may be a partial blockage from the back of the tongue. nasal congestion can cause snoring, and a cold may increase the snore. sleep position such as sleeping on your back may also increase snoring.

weight loss can help, with diet and exercise. cpap is a therapy with continuous positive airway pressure, the throat is held open by pressure from a mask. this can be for the nose or the full face. sometimes a combination of treatments is needed for the apnea. this could include surgery for the nose, palate, throat and jaw, depending on the anatomic obstruction. a proper diagnosis is needed to see if there is only snore, a sleep study may be needed for apnea. a home sleep study can be done for this, this will show if the apnea is mild, moderate or severe. for snoring, weight loss, dental appliances and surgery can reduce the noise. reduction of the soft tissue of the turbinate and stiffening of the palate can be done in the office with local anesthesia.

snoring is the hoarse or harsh sound that occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing the tissues to vibrate as you snoring occurs when something restricts your airflow during sleep. loud or long-term snoring increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and snoring is noisy breathing while you sleep. it’s a common condition that can affect anyone, although it happens more often in men and in, .

people who snore make a vibrating, rattling, noisy sound while breathing during sleep. it may be a symptom of sleep apnea. other symptoms of sleep apnea may why do people snore? snoring is the sound of obstructed breathing, which can be caused by some basic factors, such as poor muscle tone, bulky throat tissue, or snoring happens when you can’t move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. this makes the surrounding tissues vibrate, which produces the, .

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