long haulers disease

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there are mysteries about covid-19 that continue to stump medical experts. reports are widely varied, and mostly anecdotal, as to how many people are not fully recovering. a report out of great britain says 10%, the centers for disease control says 35%, and a recent self-reported survey indicated about 65% of coronavirus patients are reporting sickness three weeks or more past recovery. nicknamed “long-haulers,” these patients have been recognized with a condition of “long covid.” they have trouble regaining their strength, even for simple activities like walking to the mailbox. while there is not yet a scientific study to confirm who or how many are affected, there’s no question about the severity of the impact.

preexisting conditions, such as diabetes and lung disease, are at risk of exacerbation, but even healthy young people and people who only had mild covid-19 are experiencing everything from lingering symptoms to organ damage as a result of being infected with the coronavirus. this is not at all like a bad cold or the flu. it is on pace to become the third leading cause of death in this country, behind heart disease and cancer. learn more about how to protect yourself and others here. saratoga hospital is the saratoga region’s leading healthcare provider and the only acute-care facility in saratoga county. through its affiliation with albany med, columbia memorial health and glens falls hospital, saratoga hospital is part of the capital region’s largest locally governed health system.

for some people, covid-19 symptoms can last anywhere from four weeks to six months after testing positive for the virus. these patients, given the name those individuals are often referred to as “covid long-haulers” and have post-covid conditions or “long covid.” for covid long-haulers, these people sometimes describe themselves as “long haulers” and the conditions have been called post- covid-19 syndrome or “long covid-19 ., .

people with long covid, or u201clong-haulers,u201d are covid-19 survivors but they have persistent symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, palpitations, and impairments in mental health and cognition. most patients’ symptoms slowly improve with time. however, for some people, post-covid conditions may last months, and potentially years, after covid-19 illness but one aspect is still troubling experts: the disease’s ability to affect some people on a long-term basis. commonly referred to as “long-haulers,” a dr. englund said people are experiencing all kinds of long-hauler symptoms. the most common seem to be overwhelming fatigue, persistent cough,, .

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