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marketing research report template is a marketing research report sample that gives infomration on marketing research report design and format. when designing marketing research report example, it is important to consider marketing research report template style, design, color and theme. b2b saas brands, and any other business that has a vested interest in helping their customers succeed, need the latest benchmark data to do so. and according to google’s helpful content update guidelines, “people-first content” should be created for a specific intended audience, and include the latest information. it gives them the ability to tailor the research to help their audience, and creates a steady flow of traffic, which improves brand awareness. our team has been doing the content strategy, copywriting, data analysis, design, data visualization, and promotion for marketing research reports for almost a decade, and our reports have reached millions of readers. don’t try to take it on yourself, and plan enough time for each phase in the production process. however, they might be owned by demand generation, sales enablement, a research/analytics team, or outsourced to a specialized agency or’s who typically leads and executes marketing research campaigns: identify your target audience, the goals of the report, and your survey questions.

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use a platform like pollfish or survey monkey audience to collect responses from a certain demographic, or collect data from your own audience using a basic survey tool. look for statistically significant themes and patterns, and analyze them in the context of the past few years. design the charts, statistics, and data visualizations using your brand identity, and create shareable images for social media. plan for a launch blog post with key findings, emails to your audience, social media posts, paid advertising, and individual posts from your team, employees, or influencers. analyze the performance of the campaign after the first week, month, and then a year or two out. and we work quickly, as a seamless extension of your team. plus, ways to get the most out of a creative agency relationship.