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master thesis timeline template is a master thesis timeline sample that gives infomration on master thesis timeline design and format. when designing master thesis timeline example, it is important to consider master thesis timeline template style, design, color and theme. students who want to have help finding a research lab should contact the program academic advisor. following the meeting, the student should e-mail and cc the advisor stating that s/he is planning to complete an honors thesis and a draft title. students should work with their advisor to write a 2-4 page thesis proposal document. the thesis proposal should have the following sections: the proposal should be sent to the thesis advisor (faculty member in charge of the lab) at least 3.5 months prior to planned graduation so that the advisor can review the document before the student sends it along to the committee and to the academic advisor (step 1d). at least two members of the thesis committee must be full-time faculty at carnegie mellon university, including at least one person who holds the rank of tenure-track assistant professor or higher in either the department of biological sciences or the computational biology department; if the thesis advisor is not a tenure-track professor, then at least one other member of the committee must be.

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the thesis committee and academic advisor should be consulted by the student and/or advisor when challenges arise. a formal progress report is due to the committee and academic advisor 3 months prior to graduation. the thesis should have the following sections: the thesis defense must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to graduation. once a date and time are selected the student should work with either the academic advisor or the thesis advisor to reserve a suitable room that can seat at least 10 people (or more if the student expects more). 1-2 weeks following the defense, any requested revisions need to be submitted to the thesis committee and the academic advisor.

in the spring term a year before they intend to graduate, master’s candidates should begin narrowing their research interests and find an amenable academic advisor. once master’s candidates have obtained consent from their tentative advisor to move forward, they must formally submit their thesis proposal, bibliography, and research plan to the institute’s secretariat office. at the beginning of the autumn term, master’s candidates should meet with their academic advisor to discuss their summer research, get suggestions for additional sources, refine their topic, and broadly prepare a plan for the coming year. during the autumn term, master’s candidates should be formulating the outline and content of their thesis chapters and composing initial drafts, all in frequent consultation with their academic advisor. candidates are encouraged to pay close attention to the institute’s usage manual authors should make note of the conditions and submission procedures for master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, respectively.

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the time frame for editing in the spring semester is tight, so master’s candidates intending to defend their thesis at the end of the spring term should be prepared to make editing revisions as soon as the work is returned to them. manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the form of theses and dissertations. in the case where some or all committee members will not be available to sign bound copies of the manuscript at a later date, authors may make copies of the approval page available in advance. once academic approval is obtained, authors should double-check that all requirements of the form of theses and dissertations are met. authors should have their manuscripts printed and bound in accordance with the specifications in the form of theses and dissertations.

before you can begin you need a topic, supervisors and you need to meet the requirements i.e. with your supervisors about who needs to do what and when (the deliverables). check out the master thesis project timeline to see an example. the detailed procedure and all the forms can be found at (intranet only). this needs to be done for external projects as well. before you can do your final presentation, you need to submit the end master thesis project (mtp) and declaration code of conduct to the education administration  20 working days before an exam meeting. submit your final report and press release to the exam committee. the final defense starts with a 30 min.

then the graduation committee continues with a private interrogation of the candidate (30-45 min. ), followed by a private deliberation on the mark (15-30 min.) here you can download how to write a press release (24 kb) and the format press release (131 kb). you are strongly recommended to discuss this issue with the organization where the master project is carried out. details on the policy of ieis can be found in appendix 2 of the manual master thesis hti (38 kb). it sometimes happens that, in the course of the project, the company asks you not to include certain aspects of your work in the final report. the problem is that it remains possible that the company where the student carries out the master project decides that the project is so sensitive that they do not want to make your final report public. as the situation is now, this may mean that the master project cannot be graded and the student cannot graduate!