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med surg study template is a med surg study sample that gives infomration on med surg study design and format. when designing med surg study example, it is important to consider med surg study template style, design, color and theme. use the tips compiled below from chioma okeke (@nursechioma_) to study med-surg and pharmacology in nursing school. for med-surg, you have to learn the topics in layers since it’s more detailed, with intricate information. learn the information in a simplified manner rather than focusing solely on the big picture with the following study tips. a lot of the time, things won’t click until you see them visually. this means maximizing office hours in nursing school, being on time, and spending more time in your clinicals if possible. definition: heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump sufficient blood to meet the needs of the tissues for oxygen and nutrients. increased venous pressure leads to jvd and increased capillary hydrostatic pressure throughout the venous system.

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left-sided heart failure: pulmonary congestion occurs when the left ventricle cannot effectively pump blood out of the ventricle into the aorta and the systemic circulation. you can think about the lungs when you think of left-sided heart failure. you need to know the information below to learn how to pass pharmacology in nursing school. side effects may not require stopping the medication or notifying the physician in a clinical setting, and they can be treated. the client has a history of atrial fibrillation and obesity. the client may have taken warfarin at home for atrial fibrillation, but this is an unsafe anticoagulant to use immediately after a brain trauma. the client with a traumatic brain injury is most at risk for progression of that injury and brain death. the incidence of complications increases due to comorbidities.

though it goes by many different names, the class that teaches you about disease conditions and how to care for patients with those specific conditions is your “med surg” class. it’s a lot less of the “what” you are used to learning and so much more of the “why” and the “how.” for example, in a & p, you learned that potassium plays a role in cardiac muscle action potentials. it can be overwhelming to think you have to know everything about a disease condition, which leads to students overstudying, wasting time, and heading down the path toward burnout. so, what is the latte method and how do you use it? basically this is the overall patient presentation. in this section, make a list of all the things you need to assess on this patient.

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this is where you make note of all the treatments relevant to this particular disease condition. e: how will you educate the patient/caregiver? instead, i want you to take the notes you wrote during lecture and rewrite every concept into your own words using full sentences. rewriting your notes in your own words is one of the most effective study methods you can employ. your school’s exams will be using this type of question to prepare you for nclex and test your ability to “think like a nurse.” if you can also learn by listening, then take advantage of that! i remember what it was like to be exactly where you are read more…

medical-surgical nursing is one of the first classes that nursing students’ encounter where it requires them to apply everything they’ve learned in pharmacology, pathophysiology, and health assessment together. whereas, exams in other classes were made-up of predominately “fact” based questions. for example, a student must know the pathophysiology about why a patient with congestive heart failure is having shortness of breath and edema. then take it a step further by applying pharmacological concepts by understanding why the patient is started on lasix, and why monitoring potassium levels with this drug is important.

before an exam, some professors will give you a study guide the covers important key concepts that will be on the exam. develop a study plan on how to study ever topic on the study guide and use a study guide book to help break down the key concepts (more information about this below). you will notice that many of the same concepts will be repeated on your lecture exam. then compare this information to your class notes, powerpoints, and textbook, while looking for repeated key concepts (this is usually test material). in the video below i show you how to use a study guide and your notes when preparing for a medical-surgical exam.