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in may 2016, the american thoracic society (ats) published a research statement[4] on the impact of mild osa in adults. most (15.6% of men and 7.6% of women) of the osa among the entire cohort was mild. [8] several authors have modeled the changes in ahi based on the criteria for an episode of hypopnea.

the prevalence of osa is considerably higher if aasm 2012 scoring guidelines are used. the relationship to cv events was unclear and data were too limited to assess mild osa and risk for arrhythmias. the cpap and osa proponents say that efficacy is all a matter of adherence, and that cpap should only be used for the subgroup of mild-osa patients who have osas. [13,14] as for osas, the ats statement casts serious doubt as to whether mild osa is associated with the symptoms and diseases used to define it in the icsd-3.

mild osa: people with mild osa have 5–14 breathing apneic events in one hour. ; moderate osa: with moderate osa, a sufferer will experience 15–30 this study supports a comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment of mild osa. while all people with mild osa may not need to be treated mild symptoms were an unwanted sleepiness or involuntary sleep episodes occurring during activities that require little attention. examples, .

what is mild sleep apnea? those with obstructive sleep apnea (osa) experience repeated airway blockages and disrupted breathing during sleep. a mild sleep apnea diagnosis means that you experience fewer breathing interruptions per each hour of sleep than someone with moderate or severe sleep apnea. according to the american academy of sleep medicine, sleep that’s interrupted five to 15 times per hour is defined as mild sleep apnea. fifteen to 30 so-called in summary, treating mild osa/osas means placing a significant proportion of the population on therapy. at best, current data suggest that though positive airway pressure is often an effective treatment, oral appliances are an alternative for some people with mild or moderate, .

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