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22-year-old jason lee has revealed that his girlfriend sharnie bright-penny was driving him absolutely crazy with her intense snoring at night but, unfortunately, his efforts to make her stop all ended in failure. that’s until he took things to a whole new level and began licking his girlfriend’s face in a last attempt to make her stop. according to tyla, jason from west cumbria, uk said: “her snoring sounds like a deep growl. i was determined to find something that makes her stop. when that didn’t work, i decided to try a hug and roll. i then decided to try blowing in her face, and then as a last resort i just licked her face and it worked.

usually her snoring wakes me up so i try and get back to sleep but the snoring keeps me up as it’s right in my ear” he concluded. i’ve woken up with a wet face but i’ve always thought that was me dribbling while i was asleep, but obviously it was not. he claims he had tried everything to get me to shut up but nothing had worked and it just got to the point where he had tried everything and licking my face was the only thing that worked.” “the fact that he was that fed up with my snoring and constant cuddles and that was the only way to make me stop. i just couldn’t stop laughing.” “i asked him if he was going to keep doing it and his reply to that question was ‘no comment’, so i’m guessing he will.

and so i’ve been blessed with a partner who only kind of snores when she’s very tired and falls asleep on the couch. and i have a terrible time falling asleep.” at the time of posting, adam and his wife had only been married 11 months, but they’d been together for five years before that. eventually they bit the bullet and decided to sleep in different beds.

it’s just a social norm; it doesn’t have anything to do with how much you love your partner.” this is the case for adam and his wife: “[her snoring] has affected our relationship. “each night our bodies and mind have to go through the four stages of sleep to complete a sleep cycle. fish can personally attest to the dangers of sleep apnea — he’s been a big- time snorer since 18, he says, and 10 years ago he was “diagnosed with ’severe’ obstructive sleep apnea.” he’s used a cpap machine every day since. “and making it collaborative, a thing you’re going to address together rather than a problem your partner has to fix,” she concludes, “is less likely to activate the stigma and shame associated with the issue.” as for adam, the two might sleep in different beds, but they’ve been able to compartmentalize it as getting sleep and nothing more.

it’s 4am and you can’t sleep because your girlfriend is snoring away like a truculent hog. if you’re reaching for a pillow to stifle those porcine snores, i found placing a pillow over her face does the trick. place it over her head gently the apply firm pressure until no more snoring is heard. worked for my last i want to break up with my girlfriend because she snores. is it right for me to give her the actual reason?, .

22-year-old jason lee has revealed that his girlfriend sharnie bright-penny was driving him absolutely crazy with her intense snoring at night today, nine years into their marriage, adam and his wife are still together — “and she still snores,” he says. so how do you bring up snoring to if you have noticed that your partner is choking or gasping for air at night, this may indicate a more serious condition known as sleep apnea., .

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