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the site is secure. the u.s. food and drug administration today approved evenity (romosozumab-aqqg) to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women at high risk of breaking a bone (fracture). these are women with a history of osteoporotic fracture or multiple risk factors for fracture, or those who have failed or are intolerant to other osteoporosis therapies. “today’s approval provides women with postmenopausal osteoporosis who are at high risk of fracture with a new treatment that will reduce this risk,” said hylton v. joffe, m.d,, director of the center for drug evaluation and research’s division of bone, reproductive and urologic products. “but evenity may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular death so it’s important to carefully select patients for this therapy, which includes avoiding use in patients who have had a heart attack or stroke within the previous year.” evenity is a monoclonal antibody that blocks the effects of the protein sclerostin and works mainly by increasing new bone formation.

the bone forming effect of evenity wanes after 12 doses so more than 12 doses should not be used. in the first trial, one year of treatment with evenity lowered the risk of a new fracture in the spine (vertebral fracture) by 73% compared to placebo. in the second trial, one year of treatment with evenity followed by one year of alendronate (another osteoporosis therapy) reduced the risk of a new vertebral fracture by 50% compared to two years of alendronate alone. evenity followed by alendronate also reduced the risk of fractures in other bones (nonvertebral fractures) compared to alendronate alone. health care professionals should also consider whether the benefits of evenity outweigh its risks in those with other risk factors for heart disease and should discontinue evenity in any patient who experiences a heart attack or stroke during treatment. the agency is also responsible for the safety and security of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, dietary supplements, products that give off electronic radiation, and for regulating tobacco products.

clinical trial evidence showed that romosozumab (also known as evenity and made by ucb) followed by alendronic acid is more effective at reducing the risk of fractures than alendronic acid alone. osteoporosis leads to nearly 9 million fractures around the world each year, and over 300,000 people per year attend hospitals in the uk with fractures caused by osteoporosis. increased bone loss after menopause and age-related bone loss means the prevalence of osteoporosis increases markedly with age, from 2% at 50 years to more than 25% at 80 years in women.

current treatments for people with severe osteoporosis after menopause include bisphosphonates, such as alendronic acid, and other types of medicines, such as denosumab or teriparatide. romosozumab has shown clinically significant results that could have a huge impact on the lives of people who have severe osteoporosis. “it is the first new treatment for osteoporosis for several years and i’m delighted we have been able to recommend this drug as an option for people with severe osteoporosis.” a clinical trial showed that people who took romosozumab before alendronic acid had a 50% lower relative risk of vertebral fractures (fractures in the bones of the spine) over 24 months than people having alendronic acid alone.

the u.s. food and drug administration today approved evenity (romosozumab-aqqg) to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women at high risk over 20,000 people could be eligible for the treatment according to the company. clinical trial evidence showed that romosozumab (also known romosozumab, a humanized antibody that neutralizes sclerostin, has been approved by the fda for op treatment. several trials have demonstrated, .

this is the newest bone-building medication to treat osteoporosis. it is given as an injection every month at your doctor’s office and is limited to one year of treatment. romosozumab is approved by the fda to treat osteoporosis in women who have completed menopause and are at high risk for romosozumab is one of only two treatments licensed by mhra which induces new bone formation, and the first in this category to simultaneously slitrk5 selectively marks bone forming osteoblasts. cells expressing slitrk5 were marked with magenta (left) and a marker of bone forming, .

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