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nursing case study template is a nursing case study sample that gives infomration on nursing case study design and format. when designing nursing case study example, it is important to consider nursing case study template style, design, color and theme. mrs. johnson is a 62-year-old female who was admitted to the hospital with a complaint of severe headache and dizziness. importance of regular follow-up appointments with the healthcare provider for monitoring and adjustments to the treatment plan healthcare provider for possible adjustment of antihypertensive medications or referral to a specialist, such as a cardiologist or endocrinologist. mich has a history of asthma and had been experiencing symptoms for the past two days. the nurse should also monitor for signs of anxiety and provide emotional support to mich and his family.

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the nurse should also encourage family visitation and provide opportunities for mich and his parents to ask questions and express concerns. the nurse should maintain a sterile environment around the central line and monitor for signs of infection. the nurse should also recognize and address any cultural or religious needs of the family to promote a holistic approach to care. collaborate with the physical therapy team to develop a plan of care for mrs. jones’s mobility and ambulation post-surgery. evaluate mrs. jones’s and her family’s understanding of the education provided and their ability to implement the postoperative care plan.

as the service develops there is potential for further work to quantify the impact of the service in the medium to long term and monetise the potential costs avoided as a result. lynsey demonstrated that with little set up or running costs and simply through service redesign, specialist palliative care ots can increase the number of patients referred to their service. a summary of indicative costs that may be avoided is presented and set against the costs of service redesign. briony shows the set up and running costs of the current nurse/ahp-led outreach telemedicine service with the consultant linking in from salford and considers the costs and benefits of this service when compared to a consultant-led out-reach clinic. to demonstrate the value of her service, hannah used a cost avoidance approach. stroke is recognised as a major complication of sickle cell disease and the risk of stroke is estimated to be 250 times higher in those with sickle cell disease compared with the general population. to make the transition from hospital to practice nursing in primary care safe and attractive, a new team was established. she undertook an economic assessment to show the potential impact and value of the website for patient and healthcare professional users. the role of the community based hiv clinical nurse specialist (community hiv cns) has a long and varied history. the amount of money saved by using the scanner and avoiding catheterisation was estimated to be around £1,226,822 per year.

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by performing an economic assessment of a pilot for the new system, stephanie found that relationships between clinical areas and the top-up service provider improved and staff had greater confidence in the system. in the longer-term, there is the potential for significant savings to be made from a reduction in demand for clinical services typically caused by patients with diabetes and at risk from cvd. if care home staff are to confidently manage patients with complex needs at the end of life, it is important they are supported with the right skills and information. as the service has evolved, activity has increased to a point that gary felt compelled to demonstrate the true value of the service to patients, the trust and the wider community in order to set out a case for the expansion of the ohpit team. vanessa recognised that this intensified the pressure on her cns’ and there is more work to be done to build resilience and prevent burnout in her team. since 1992 the stoma care service at royal glamorgan hospital has been supporting the rehabilitation of stoma patients, and helping carers and family members to manage a significant change in lifestyle. with this in mind, sheila decided to conduct an economic assessment and in doing so, identified a range of quality, productivity and prevention benefits for patient, stoma care nurses and the hospital. rhonda found that in order to maintain capacity and effectiveness within the service there is a need to expand its reach. the new system provides a framework for staff in the children and families community nursing service to record appropriate assessment information. recording information within a single system reduces the need for children and families to repeat this information to those involved in their care.

furthermore, when describing the steps undertaken while using a case study approach, this method of research allows the researcher to take a complex and broad topic, or phenomenon, and narrow it down into a manageable research question(s). stake asserts that the cases are grouped and viewed as one entity, called the quintain.6 ‘we study what is similar and different about the cases to understand the quintain better’.6 the steps when using case study methodology are the same as for other types of research.6 the first step is defining the single case or identifying a group of similar cases that can then be incorporated into a multiple-case study. this may include a review of the literature, grey literature, media, reports and more, which serves to establish a basic understanding of the cases and informs the development of research questions.

there is also sometimes a temptation to veer away from the research focus.2 reporting of findings from multiple-case research studies is also challenging at times,1 particularly in relation to the word limits for some journal papers. the three sources of data collected from the five nplcs were analysed and themes arose related to the quality of care for complex patients at nplcs. case study methodology serves to provide a framework for evaluation and analysis of complex issues.