pfizer blood clots deaths

in may, the food and drug administration (fda) put new restrictions on who can get the j&j vaccine, based on a fresh review of data on the life-threatening blood clots that have been associated with the vaccine. all of these cases were reported to the vaccine adverse events reporting system (vaers), a national early reporting warning system to detect safety problems with u.s.-licensed vaccines.

“there are definitely a lot of questions.” a small number of serious blood clots has also been reported in people who received the astrazeneca vaccine, which is not authorized for use in the united states. the pfizer-biontech and moderna covid-19 vaccines, both of which are mrna vaccines and use a different method to protect against the virus, have not been linked to blood clots at this time. while the risk for a rare blood clot is low, anyone who still gets the johnson & johnson vaccine should know about early symptoms of the disorder.

in a statement thursday evening, the cdc said the u.s. has an abundant supply of pfizer and moderna vaccines. the u.s. has administered more than 17 million j&j doses since the food and drug administration authorized the shot on an emergency basis in february. panel experts said the j&j shot may still make sense for people who would have allergic reactions to the pfizer or moderna vaccines, or if a patient doesn’t have access to any other shot. patients typically developed symptoms nine days after vaccination and were hospitalized five days after they developed symptoms, according to the cdc.

heaton said j&j recognizes the incidents of tts associated with the vaccine and that the condition can be fatal, though the cases are rare. and pulling the j&j vaccine altogether could deliver a blow to the shot worldwide. a week later, the fda and the cdc lifted the pause on j&j shots after the independent advisory panel said the benefits of the shots outweighed the risks. the fda also said the j&j shot should not be administered to people who received astrazeneca’s vaccine, though astrazeneca is not authorized for use in the u.s. cdc experts on thursday said no tts cases have been identified in people who have received j&j booster doses, though the number of boosters is relatively small.

the rare risk of blood clots associated with the astrazeneca vaccine are now well known, but last week concerns started to emerge about pfizer. tts is a rare but serious adverse event that causes blood clots in large blood vessels and low platelets (blood cells that help form clots). a review of reports concern over a small, but growing number of cases of a rare, but serious blood clotting disorder associated with the johnson & johnson, .

the cdc has confirmed 54 cases of people developing blood clots and showing low blood platelet levels following j&j vaccination. nine deaths — among seven women and two men — have been confirmed in connection with the blood clot issue through september. among these, three fatalities were related to pulmonary embolism with one fatality to thrombosis. the same study identified 29 deep venous, .

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