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phd defense slides template is a phd defense slides sample that gives infomration on phd defense slides design and format. when designing phd defense slides example, it is important to consider phd defense slides template style, design, color and theme. as they submit the dissertation and prepare for their defense, there is one piece of advice i find myself giving again and again, about how to tackle the impossible task of presenting multiple years of research work in less than one hour. what i propose in this pattern is to structure the presentation in a different way, a way that tries to balance the need for an overview of the dissertation and (at least some of) the richness of the investigation and the hard work the student has put behind it. that is a bit up to the student and the particular dissertation. although this didn’t make it to the title of the pattern, i believe it is crucially important to keep in mind another element in any good defense presentation: the limitations of the student’s research work, and the new avenues for research that the dissertation opens.

phd defense slides format

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yet, paraphrasing alexander, that is the point of the pattern: to have the core of the idea, which you can use to produce a million different solutions, tailored to your particular context and subject matter. for instance, once you have the structure of your swath and dive defense presentation, you could use the nabc technique to ensure that the need, approach, benefits and competition of each of your knowledge contributions are adequately emphasized. the craft of scientific presentations: critical steps to succeed and critical errors to avoid (second edition). he is also an avid learner about doctoral education and supervision, and he’s the main author at the a happy phd blog.