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phd notion template is a phd notion sample that gives infomration on phd notion design and format. when designing phd notion example, it is important to consider phd notion template style, design, color and theme. personally, i use it to track the books i’m reading, my recipes, and i’ve even set up my christmas planning in there. i’ve left my countdown in the template, but if you want to use this template for yourself, you can either remove the countdown entirely, or go to indify and create your own! for illustrative purposes, i’ve put in a few example tasks that i may need to do for my phd in the month of september so you can see what it would look like. if you know a particular set of people are always in your team meeting for example, you can edit the “team meeting” template so that it automatically lists those people as being in attendance when you use that template. at the very end of the table is a spot for the url, so you can easily link, but you could also make a file heading and upload the pdf instead so you already have that ready to go for later.

phd notion format

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if you actually go into the article’s page, there is a template to use, with headers for summarising the paper, noting what the key findings were, and writing down your critiques of the paper. this is just a way for you to keep track of the figures for each paper, so that you don’t lose track. in the template, i’ve added some example days of writing so you can see how to use the template. this is the place to collect and store information about all of the important professional contacts you meet during your studies and beyond. i hope that me stepping through my notion was of some use to you all!