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practice name writing template is a practice name writing sample that gives infomration on practice name writing design and format. when designing practice name writing example, it is important to consider practice name writing template style, design, color and theme. name writing is one of the most important things a teacher can pass on to a pre-k student. these name writing activities are a fantastic place to start! the student uses markers to trace each letter, over and over again, to make a “rainbow name.” when the name is finished, the teacher can tape the strip together to make a name hat! an economical way to practice writing is on dry erase markers. provide students with a dry erase marker to trace over the letters of their name and an old clean sock to use as an eraser. filling in each letter with watercolors allows students to recognize letters of their names. the extra benefit of adding sensory learning uses more of their brains and helps cement the letters they are learning. a fun way to practice letters in their names is using large push pins and carpet squares.

practice name writing format

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students place the page on top of a carpet square and push dots through the letter’s path. a great addition to a writing center is a set of doodle pro writing toys. students love the playfulness of this type of practice and gain valuable practice in the process. even if the name writing isn’t very legible, students can identify their names and begin to understand the purpose of writing in an authentic way. it’s also important to make sure parents realize the importance of having writing materials (pencils, crayons, pens, and markers) easily accessible for their children at home. after you subscribe, you will be redirected to the free name resources. these are some really great ways to practice writing their names!! it gives them lots of practice writing and a cool hat when they’re done.