Procedure of Evaluating a Product

The evaluation of a product can be done on the basis of certain criteria. They are materials and ingredients, methods of manufacturing, packaging, place of manufacturing, and their use and disposal. A product is regarded as best when it is pronounceable, distinctive, memorable, flexible, evocative, reliable, appropriate, relevant and tractable.


Procedure of Product Evaluation

As the new product is crucial to the success of business, the product testers may use the following procedure to evaluation a product of companies. The procedure of product evaluation is as follows:

  1. Composition of the product: The examiner needs to check whether it is composed of organic materials. He/she needs to check whether chemicals have been used. The examiner needs to verify whether the product is following health regulations. The examiner must take into account whether the product can be recycled.
  2. Methods of production: The examiner needs to check whether chemicals are used while manufacturing the product. It must also be checked whether fair trade practices are employed for the product. The examiner needs to examine whether the testing of the product has been done on animals. The examiner needs to find out whether the product is created using renewable energy.
  3. Packaging of product: The examiner needs to find out whether the product is packed minimally or with excess. The examiner needs to think of reusing or recycling of the package. The examiner needs to check the materials used in the packaging and see whether it is a natural product.
  4. Place of Production: The examiner must know the origin or source of the raw materials. The examiner needs to know the environment where the product is manufactured. The consumer has the right to know where the parts of the product are being assembled.
  5. Use of Product: We need to know whether there are instructions printed on the package. The package always includes a brochure or leaflet on how to use the product safely in several languages. We need to know whether they are friendly to nature or environment-friendly. We must know whether it can be used again.
  6. The Act of Throwing Away of the Product: We must have knowledge of the impact of the product on the environment after it is thrown away. The products thrown away in separate boxes are classified as toxic and nontoxic. We need to understand the effect of product disposal on the flora and fauna.
  7. Products may be indicated by star rating: Experts or users may rate a product by assigning stars. Such evaluation can help the prospective customers to decide whether they should buy it. But such evaluation should be fair and honest.

Good product evaluation can earn the goodwill of a company. A product will become popular when it fulfills the above criteria and a product with good packaging can draw the attention of the consumers leading to increased sales.