Product evaluation template

Product evaluation template is a sample document that shows product evaluation process, product evaluation procedure and methods to be used for assessing products. A well designed product evaluation sample can help both product development team and business to improve product quality and acceptance for the end users.


Product Evaluation Format

Product evaluation need to consider the product design and development process. Studies show that the product design and development plays a crucial role in the product quality and performance. The product designers attempt to predict the behavior of a product and its users using their knowledge and expertise. The most innovative phase of the design process is its conceptual phase in which most decisions were made. It is key to understand that the products should manifest end users point of view, from initial concept to their distribution to the market place.

Product evaluation need to consider the product useability. The product useability can be divided into different tasks. Task analysis is used to evaluate products and the user’s interactions with them via their interface and assess their useability. In this context task analysis refers to overall user’s activity. The methods and techniques are different for specific applications such as workplace design, medical equipment design, interface design etc.

Product Evaluation Template Design

There is evaluation example you can download for reference, however, you may consider building your own sample product evaluation template according your business needs and requirements. During the design process, it is essential to consider the product evaluation format, product evaluation layout and product evaluation outline.

The first key part in the product evaluation template is the product evaluation introduction. In the section, you may state the product evaluation basic information, product evaluation policy, product evaluation purpose and goals etc.

The second key part in the product evaluation sample is the product evaluation methods and techniques. In the section, you need to show details of product evaluation standard and criteria. For example, what is the product design process? what is the product design concepts? What are the product evaluation key factors and assessment standards etc.

The last key part in the product evaluation form is the product evaluation resources and responsibilities. In the section, you need to state the resources that give support to the product evaluation and the person that are responsible for each roles. For example, the Product evaluation team member:__; The Tasks:__; The responsible person:__ etc.