psychogenic dyspnea

this case report is third in a series of articles by the authors on childhood mourning reflecting the effects of multiple losses (k. r. kaufman & n. d. kaufman, 2005 kaufman , k. r. & kaufman , n. d. ( 2005 ). childhood mourning: prospective case analysis of multiple losses . [taylor & francis online], [web of science ®]â ,â [google scholar]; k. r. kaufman & n. d. kaufman, 2006 kaufman , k. r. & kaufman , n. d. ( 2006 ).

[taylor & francis online], [web of science ®]â ,â [google scholar]). in this case report, perception of potential death (self or parent) after a motor vehicle accident precipitated psychogenic dyspnea. rapid intervention with explanation of the functional nature of the conversion symptom, why this symptom developed, and how to address the underlying stresses in the future led to an excellent outcome.

psychogenic breathlessness or pseudo-dyspnea is a condition where the patient suffers from shortness of breath from time to time. psychogenic and functional breathing disorders are common and affect mostly children and adolescents, resulting in considerable morbidity and contributing the diagnosis of psychogenic dyspnea is obviously one that is reserved for patients whose workups have excluded organic causes., .

this is an irregular breathing pattern with shallow rapid breaths. the breathing is usually thoracic instead of typical quiet abdominal breathing. it is associated with transient giddiness, palpitations, and tremors. this is usually a manifestation of acute anxiety. 1 while the most common causes of dyspnea are respiratory or cardiac in nature, dyspnea can also be related to psychological factors, including anxiety, on the other hand, dyspnea can be a manifestation of underlying anxiety disorder. [9, 10] anxiety is also a significantly psychological comorbidity among conversion disorders, the physical expression of unresolved psychological pain, can be associated with mourning. this case report is third in a series of, .

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