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psychology case presentation template is a psychology case presentation sample that gives infomration on psychology case presentation design and format. when designing psychology case presentation example, it is important to consider psychology case presentation template style, design, color and theme. in response to feedback from pcl users, we created the following outline that we hope will be helpful to use when preparing for your consultation and in presenting the case to the pcl psychiatrist. it mimics what many providers are taught in their formal training about presenting a clinical case. patient with a psychiatric history of _, a medical history of _, and a substance use history of _.  their medications are _.  they are presenting with symptoms that include _.  clinical role with patient: you are a primary care doctor and met the patient for the first time today. presenting problem(s)/symptom(s): patient scored high on the mdq but did not have mania on sertraline and you are wondering what to ask the patient in order to determine whether bipolar is a better diagnosis and if so, what should be done with medications?

psychology case presentation format

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your consulting psychiatrist is not available for the next week and the patient is seeing their primary care provider tomorrow. psychiatric history: diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and ocd since early 20s. current medications: tried sertraline initially years ago and unpleasant side effects but has successfully been on fluoxetine at 80 mg for 15 years. you’ll receive pcl news, a newsletter with information about treating patients with mental health and substance use conditions.