rem sleep apnea

for example, a patient with an ahirem of 70 events/h and an ahinrem of 35 events/h would be classified as having rem-related osa when, in fact, the frequency of disordered breathing events during nrem sleep is not insignificant. for example, a patient with 6 minutes of rem sleep and 3 obstructive events during that period (ahirem = 30 events/h) would be classified as having rem-related osa, assuming that the ahinrem is 15 or fewer events/h.

a number of studies have shown that rem-related osa is common in women and in younger patients.3–5,7,8 aside from such basic descriptions, further characterization of its clinical attributes remains unclear, particularly regarding the possibility that patients with osa only during rem sleep may differ in health outcomes when compared with those with disordered breathing events that are not strictly confined to rem sleep. in the absence of empirical evidence, there is lack of consensus as to whether patients with disordered breathing events predominantly during rem sleep should be treated with continuous positive airway pressure (cpap). the field of sleep medicine should not struggle with the issue of whether rem-related osa is a distinct entity or an epiphenomenon.

recent studies have indicated that rem osa is independently associated with prevalent and incident hypertension, non-dipping of nocturnal blood the term rem-related obstructive sleep apnea (osa) is used loosely by sleep clinicians when the polysomnogram (psg) reveals obstructive among those phenotypes, rem-related osa has been reported to account for 10–36% of patients with osa in sleep clinic cohorts (5), especially in patients with, .

although sleep apnea is often more pronounced during rapid eye movement (rem) sleep, the term u201crem-relatedu201d sleep apnea has been used to label sleep-disordered breathing, which is either significantly worse or exclusively present during rem sleep. deep sleep is highly refreshing, but sleep apnea can prevent you from getting it. there are three non-rem stages and one rem stage of sleep. recently, osa during rem-sleep has been suggested to have more severe adverse effects on the cardiovascular system than osa during nonrem-sleep, but the rem-osa patients may have high ahi calculated exclusively for rem sleep, but due to usually fixed percentage of rem sleep in 20–25% range, their, .

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