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research theme template is a research theme sample that gives infomration on research theme design and format. when designing research theme example, it is important to consider research theme template style, design, color and theme. creativity is a key driver of modern, dynamic societies and is at the centre of our research excellence. research at the convergence of technology, digital games and interactive media, together with leading partners in the creative economy, enables us to deliver new experiences to provoke, inform and entertain for the wider benefit of society. they are advancing and challenging how we understand the world, and developing new intellectual tools to make sense of human thought, human behaviour and our relation to the natural world.

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our global reputation in biomedicine, health science, economics and the medical humanities is built on research excellence that begins with the fundamental understanding of health and disease in the past and the present, and progresses to evidence-based decision-making about future healthcare policies and therapies. risk for the real world: in an increasingly complex world, our research is penetrating deep into how decisions on risk are made and how they are shaped by technological, social and cultural factors. by drawing on our understanding of these factors, we can provide government and industry with better risk models and help influence policies resulting in better-informed decision making our researchers are developing novel technologies, processes and materials with the potential to transform the economic, environmental, and social landscape.

the baltic sea region offers numerous significant and demanding research topics, which are of relevance to the region and can be researched within the framework of balex. the richness of institutions and bodies that are concerned with the baltic sea deserves legal scrutiny. what is the normative status of the helcom rules, standards, action plans and guidelines, and how much discretion is there for states to decide on their implementation? how does eu’s increasing environmental regulation affect the baltic sea region and what are the legal implications of the environmental requirements that leave a large liberty for member states to set the targets and decide on how to meet them? the baltic sea is one of the world’s most heavily trafficked seas. how can the competitiveness of the region’s shipping be ensured by means of legal solutions by public and private actors?

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new technological developments in the baltic sea, relating e.g. how shall the different interests relating to the uses be reconciled when it comes to planning, using and benefiting from such installations? the rights and duties with respect to the tens of thousands of historic shipwrecks in the baltic sea vary between states and depend on the age of the wreck and geographical location. is there a need to fill the void with regard to common rules which take into account the specific climatic and other conditions that make the baltic sea such a favorable area for marine archaeology? is it sufficiently clear in terms of division of powers and responsibilities between the eu and its member states and what are the main challenges in terms of implementation and enforcement? the maritime and seabed boundaries in the baltic sea are not fully settled yet and the precise rights and obligations in various areas are still subject to discussion.