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resume language skills template is a resume language skills sample that gives infomration on resume language skills design and format. when designing resume language skills example, it is important to consider resume language skills template style, design, color and theme. highlighting your resume language skills is a great way to give your job prospects a boost. there are a few ways to do this at home: in most cases, the following scale is an acceptable method for describing levels of language proficiency on your resume that any employer will understand: intermediate: suggests you can hold a basic conversation in the language, but have limited vocabulary, a low understanding of grammar rules, and may not be able to read. fluent: suggests you’re highly comfortable writing and reading in this language and that you can hold conversations to the same level as a native speaker. here are some of the most common scales used to measure language proficiency that you can follow when writing your resume: if you want to work for the u.s. government, this is the system that you should use to list language levels on your federal resume.

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the american council on the teaching of foreign languages is an american organization that aims to improve and increase language teaching at all levels. however, if you’re applying for jobs that require little social interaction and don’t require you to speak a foreign language (like software engineering), then you don’t need to include language skills when writing your resume. the second option is to include you language skills in a separate section. if you’ll be using your language skills on a daily basis, it’s a good idea to mention them among your top skills at the start of your resume in addition to including them in one of the sections listed above.