safety issues in the hospital

as the healthcare industry enters the pandemic’s third year, many leaders are working to reinvigorate staff and patient safety efforts. one way leaders can strengthen the foundation for care that is safe, person-centered and equitable is by using ihi’s “national action plan to advance patient safety”¬†as a roadmap to reinvigorate safety efforts, she said. ms. mcgaffigan recommended healthcare leaders use this blueprint from ihi and the american college of healthcare executives to assess the current state of their organization’s safety culture and plan future priorities. leaders must reinforce their commitment and accountability to eliminate harm to the workforce, and that view of harm should not only include physical safety but psychological safety, joy, well-being and healthy work environments, she said.

another important focus for healthcare leaders this year should be how to prioritize and ingrain health equity into safety and quality work. one example is to integrate sociodemographic data into the analysis of workforce safety reports and incidents so leaders have a better understanding of who they are happening to, ms. mcgaffigan said. staffing shortages, chaotic work environments and high levels of clinician stress and fatigue amid the pandemic may increase the risk for diagnostic errors, such as missed or delayed diagnoses, or diagnoses that are not effectively communicated to the patient. however, diagnostic errors were already one of the most sizable care quality challenges hospitals were facing prior to the pandemic, ms. mcgaffigan told becker’s last year. ms. mobley of the leapfrog group said better surveillance and reporting of infections to the cdc and national healthcare safety network is also needed in 2022 to help get back on track with this work.

hospitals engage in an array of collaborative activities designed to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide. as hospitals and health systems continue to look for ways to advance quality of care while lowering costs, the aha has taken a leadership role in supplying information to hospitals to help them further improve the work they do. the american hospital association quest for quality prize recognizes health care leadership and innovation in improving quality and advancing health in communities.

the honorees for 2020 excelled in delivering quality health care for their communities during the most difficult of times. the award, supported by a grant from rldatix, was presented during the aha leadership summit. noncommercial use of original content on is granted to aha institutional members, their employees and state, regional and metro hospital associations unless otherwise indicated.

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patient safety topics safety is what patients, families, staff and the public expect from joint commission-accredited organizations. did you know that a hospital is one of the most hazardous places to work? in 2019, u.s. hospitals recorded 221,400 work-related injuries and illnesses,, patient safety issues in healthcare, quality and patient safety examples. 10 top patient safety issues for 2021covid-19. healthcare staffing shortages. missed and delayed diagnoses. drug and medical supply shortages. low vaccination coverage and disease resurgence. clinician burnout. health equity. healthcare-associated infections. the 10 patient safety concerns every health care worker needs tomedication errors. diagnostic errors. patient discharge errors. workplace safety issues. aging hospital facility issues. reprocessing issues. sepsis. “super” superbugs.

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