Sample Evaluation Template

Evaluation template is a sample evaluation document that shows the process and procedures of performing various evaluation. Business and individuals often need to give analysis and appraisals on varieties of situations. For example, performance evaluation template gives a performance review on the employee performance of past year.

Evaluation Template Download

There are some free sample evaluation templates you may download for reference, however, these templates are for general use and may not suite your particular needs. You may use commonly available tools such as Word or Excel to design your own sample evaluation template.

evaluation sampleTraining Evaluation Template can help course instructors and training program managers to evaluate the course effectiveness.


Training Evaluation Template Download



Employee Evaluation Template can help business to evaluation employee performance for the annual employer review.


Employee Evaluation Template Download



Course Evaluation Template can help course instructors and teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of the course program.


Course Evaluation Template Download



Evaluation Template Design

You may design your own evaluation template, during the process of design, it is important to consider the evaluation format, evaluation template outline and evaluation template layout.

  • Evaluation template format needs to consider the evaluation style. There is no universal style that can be used to suit all needs. You may choose a style based on your specific requirements and situation.
  • Evaluation template format needs to consider the evaluation layout. Evaluation layout is the backbone of your evaluation template, you need to include all key elements in your evaluation design.
  • Evaluation design needs to have a basic introduction. Every evaluation needs to have an overview of the evaluation background, evaluation purpose and objectives.

Types of Evaluation Template

There are different types of evaluation template for personal and business use. For example, project evaluation template can help project managers to perform project evaluation. Training evaluation template can help business or school to evaluate their training program. Employee evaluation template can help business to perform employee evaluation.

Training evaluation template is a training evaluation form that shows the training evaluation questions, training evaluation survey for training class or training program. When designing training evaluation sample, you need to consider the training evaluation, trainer evaluation template and training evaluation form in your training evaluation example.

Course evaluation template is a course evaluation sample that shows course evaluation, course evaluation questions and course evaluation form in the course evaluation example.

Employee evaluation template is an employee evaluation sample that shows employee evaluation form, employee evaluation layout and employee evaluation layout in the employee evaluation example.