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this cycle results in sleep fragmentation and limits the amount of time spent in deeper sleep stages. although its conclusions are debatable, the american academy of sleep medicine (aasm) recommends portable monitoring only for patients free of significant comorbid conditions and with a high pretest probability of moderate to severe osa. three categories of portable monitors (type ii, iii, and iv) are used in the diagnosis of osa in either an attended or unattended setting. information from respiratory channels is crucial to the diagnosis of osa. it is similar to the ahi; however, it also includes respiratory events that do not technically meet the definitions of apneas or hypopneas but do disrupt sleep (as measured by cortical arousal) . [55] significant controversy surrounds the use of sleep tests in children. [qxmd medline link]. [qxmd medline link]. [qxmd medline link]. [qxmd medline link]. [qxmd medline link]. [qxmd medline link]. [qxmd medline link].

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alongside the popularity of telemedicine for cardiac patients lies the rising awareness of the link between sleep apnea and heart disease. with concern growing for the effects of sleep apnea on patients’ cardiovascular risk and cardiac disease progression, home sleep testing with a sleep apnea home test device  is the latest ambulatory tool in the cardiologist’s arsenal. the proposed modification allowed for an initial 12 week period of cpap coverage when osa was diagnosed based on unattended home sleep testing (hst). in this way a cardiac patient can be diagnosed with osa and begin treatment immediately, rather than watching their heart disease get worse while they wait for an in-lab sleep test.

watchpattm home sleep test is an ideal solution for cardiologists who focus on improving outcomes and their patients’ health-related quality of life, to expand their service portfolio to include the speedy diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. dr. randy lieberman from detroit was quoted saying that “once we explain to the patients that identification of the sleep apnea can lead to better quality of life or potentially better management of their cardiovascular disease component, then the question is; what kind of a sleep study? when they have a home sleep study done their own bed where it is minimally invasive, with a minimum amount of home sleep study equipment, then they much more open to accept the diagnosis and the treatment”. atrial fibrillation and other heart conditions have been linked to sleep apnea and patients benefit by using home sleep test equipment such as the watchpat home sleep apnea monitor as a measure of heart disease prevention and on-going care used by cardiologists.

with the advent of better and more compact sensor technology, it has become possible to do a home sleep test. these sleep studies use less wires, often only a sleep breathing monitor with app for iphone & android, track real-time sleep apnea & snore data with professional report. a sleep apnea monitor can give information about a person’s breathing during sleep. monitors may track breath rate, blood oxygen levels, and, .

sleep apnea can be monitored in sleep studies. these can be done in sleep laboratories under the supervision of a sleep specialist or using home in-facility polysomnography (psg) is the historical standard for the diagnosis of osa. for the appropriate patient, however, home sleep tests ( a home sleep apnea test is a very simplified breathing monitor that tracks your breathing, oxygen levels, and breathing effort while worn., .

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