snore be gone

snorebegone® is a sleep positioning system that is used to reduce the incidence of snoring. it is recommended to use snorebegone® intermittently for short periods of time, followed by continued use to allow the body to get used to the sleep system. i bought this pillow because i have sore shoulders and find them hard to sleep on waking up many times a night for years. i think he has sleep apnoea, which frightens the wotsit out of me, but he refuses to get checked out.

i used to get numbness in my hands from sleeping on my side, two weeks in and there’s no sign of numbness from side sleeping. the shoulder recess allows you to sleep in a natural side posture and surprisingly my neck was not unduly strained which is common feedback from my patients when using new pillows. i am small framed, so i stick a pillow in the gap that is made for your shoulder, and my head rests mostly in that area. to date i can recommend the pillow system as for me. my husband suffers from reflux and it was suggested by the doctor to sleep elevated.

your sleep position can be a key factor influencing your snoring behaviour. the snorebegone anti snoring pillow sleep positioning system is a unique pillow and sleep solution. if you’re one of the millions who suffer from the damaging effects of snoring, the snorebegone pillow could be your solution to reverse the damage to your health – and your relationship-caused by snoring and sleep deprivation. this sleep system encourages and naturally supports a side sleeping position, which reduces snoring. its unique recess channel allows the shoulder and arm to rest stress-free, without the weight of the body pressing down. this ensures that every body type is supported to promote a happier and healthier sleep.

the extension cushion is designed to act as a transitioning section between the sleep positioning system and your mattress minimizing slide and eliminating impact from a height difference. it provides a resting place for your arm and hand. the snorebegone sleep positioning system was developed through years of research and sleep studies that probed the causes and effects of snoring. snorebegone is supported by protect-a-bed, a premier australian sleep solution company providing high quality sleep product ranges to retailers and customers around the world for 31 years. learn more the best products, coupled with the best customer service i have ever had, and their deliveries are extremely fast (even using aus post), i cannot recommend this company highly enough. it truly helps me to sleep faster & helps block out exterior noises.

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snorebegone® unique design addresses the problems associated with snoring the weight of the body holds the sleep positioning system in place, while allowing a snore-b-gone is a mandibular adjustment device that is intended for snorers who have obstructed airways when they sleep. this technology has the snore-b-gone anti-snoring device is a bpa- and latex-free, lightweight plastic mouthpiece, similar to other anti-snoring mouthpieces. users use a boil-and-, .

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