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more people are turning to mouth, tongue and throat exercises to take control of their snoring and are seeing amazing results. a drama therapist from the university of exeter in the uk developed a series of singing exercises for a group of twenty snorers [3]. comparing the participants’ snoring recordings before and after the study, the researchers saw a big drop in snoring. in 2009, a group of scientists in brazil performed the largest snoring exercise study to date [5].

different studies have used different techniques, but here are five of the key exercises that appear in most experiments and can really make a difference: you are unlikely to see instant results. a snore is the sound of soft tissue in your upper airway vibrating due to interrupted airflow. it is a common misconception that… we conducted a poll and found that more of our users prefer to help their snoring with lifestyle changes as opposed to trying consumer anti-snoring remedies. it is important to know the signs and symptoms.

snoregym app comprises a series of animated exercises for your tongue, soft palate, cheeks and jaw. the app has 2 workout options – a standard one (5 minutes) or a double workout (10 minutes). the app also has daily reminders and a diary to track your progress.

✔ evidence-based exercises✔ animations and detailed instructions to help the user correctly perform the exercises✔ reminders✔ progress tracking✔ links to companion app snorelab reviewer: jeremy steinberg, gp, frnzcgpdate of review: march 2020comments: snoregym is an exercise app for improving snoring and sleep apnoea. the exercises are generally done 3 times a day for 10 minutes each time. this app follows the exercises used  in a study by ieto et al.2 it has animations to help you correctly do the exercises and reminders and tracks your progress. diligence over several weeks is required before a user may notice improvements.

snoregym is here to guide you through a series of exercises to help reduce snoring … work into your daily routine snoregym’s quick 5, 10 or 15 minute workouts toning the muscles in your throat and mouth can help stop mild snoring and improve obstructive sleep apnea. learn how to do them. introducing our new app – snoregym. from the makers of snorelab, snoregym is the exercise app for snorers. no, we’re not talking pushups and squats – snoregym, .

reduce your snoring with snoregym, the workout app for quiet sleep from the creators of snorelab. with this exercise app for snorers, get your snoring under snoregym app comprises a series of animated exercises for your tongue, soft palate, cheeks and jaw. it is believed that by exercising and toning here are 14 exercises to improve your sleep apnea and/or chronic snoring, by ent specialist dr. lee mandel of south florida sinus & allergy center., .

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